Age of Empires [WineSkin] [RUS]

Game for Mac :: Age of Empires [WineSkin] [RUS]Year of release: 1997
Version: 1.0
Developer: Ensemble Studios
developer Website:
Platform: Intel only
interface Language: Russian
Tablet: Program treated (does not require data entry/enter any data)
System requirements:
Tested on:
Mac OS X Lion V10. 7. 5
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4
– 4gb DDR2 SDRAM
Intel GMA X3100
Description: Age of Empires (“Age of empires”) — released in 1997, a computer game, which gave rise to one of the most famous series of strategies in real time.
the Player controls one of the twelve Nations, goes into different “ages”. The game begins in the stone age, then you can go in the age of agriculture, bronze and iron ages. You control units that attack, build buildings and gather resources.
In the game there are 4 types of resources: food, wood, stone and gold. Wood necessary for the construction of buildings, ships, farms and to create archers. The stone needed for the construction of the towers and walls. Food is essential for almost all training units and researching technologies. Gold need for more advanced technologies and units.
the Goal usually is to defeat all opponents. When playing with multiple players acting diplomacy, respectively, they can be allies, neutral or enemies.
the gameplay is not just for a long period of accumulation and improvement of military units (intended, ultimately, for a decisive attack), but the gradual development of your people.
in a single game with one or more virtual opponents, and in multiplayer mode for multiple players you can choose your own nation, which is going to hold through the centuries, from the depths of the stone age to the iron age.
If you decide to go through all four campaigns available in the game, each will meet his people, who will have to manage throughout the twelve stages. Each of the Nations – their advantages and disadvantages.
the First of the four campaigns – like opening. It allows igroman to get the hang of many units and technologies. It is curious that with so many types of combat units the number of your people is very limited. You can’t hire more than fifty characters (and, for the latter are even ordinary peasants). So to crush the enemy number will not work.
However, not always you will have to pay in the ruins of the village of the enemy. The ultimate goal may be quite different. To achieve it is useful to apply not only force but also diplomacy. You can enter into military and trade alliances, to work together to make discoveries and share resources. And no one is stopping you from treacherous to terminate the contract as soon as you decide that you don’t need it anymore.
Stages of development of your civilization meet the milestones of the formation of the real humanity. It’s the stone age, agriculture age, the bronze and iron ages. At each stage, some possible research that improves the characteristics of the units and enabling the construction of new buildings.
Extras. information: the Game only runs in a window. You can run full-screen, but there are lags who play do not allow.
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