[amd64] Updated: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c R4 ( – the Image VBox

[amd64] Updated: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c R4 ( - Образ VBox
Year of Release: 2016
Developer Oracle Corporation
developer Website: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/enterprise-manager/downloads/index.html
System requirements: 48Gb hard drive space and 8Gb of free RAM
For VM work necessary hypervisor Oracle VirtualBox 5.0+
To start a VM in VirtualBox, import the file VBox_EM13_1_0_0_Linux64.ova.
Architecture: amd64
medicine: Not required
interface Language: English
Description: Virtual machine with installed with the latest Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c R1 :
Oracle Linux 6 Update 6 x86-64
Oracle Database (database repository)
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c R1 with all plugins.
This virtual machine is available for free download on the Oracle website (in the formats and OracleVM VirtualBox):edelivery.oracle.com/linux
differences from the original VM:

1. Fresh installed VBox Additions (5.0.10)
2. Performed defragmentation and packaging VM disk

Extras. information: All user password: “welcome1”.
To start Enterprise Manager, log on as user oracle/welcome1 and run the script start_all.sh
to log in To Enterprise Manager use the link on the desktop!
To stop the Enterprise Manager, run the script stop_all.sh
In the present distribution of the original readme.txt from Oracle:
– O/S accounts: root, oracle
– Database accounts: sys, system
– EM accounts: sysman, dbsnmp, mgmt_view
– accounts Weblogic: weblogic weblogic_mntr, node_mgr
Password: welcome1
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