ANNO: Platinum Collection [Wineskin]

Game for Mac :: ANNO: Platinum Collection [Wineskin]

br>Platinum CollectionDeveloper: Related Designs
Platform: Intel only
Tablet: Not required
disc: Not required
Checked: Mac Mini (mid 2011) / OS 10.8.3 / ATI Radeon video
of the Anno Series of games, didn’t take much time to earn a huge amount of positive reviews and become a favorite game of many people. The fact that before Anno had a lot of similar strategies. Test your skills or just relax in the Infinite game mode and in campaign mode.ANNO 1404: Gold Editioninterface Language: entirely in Russian
Year of release: 2010
Version: 1.03.3650 – 2.1.5010.0
Description: coming to end a brutal and bleak early middle Ages. Otgremeli Crusades, feudal lords obey the Emperor, merchants and travelers turned the attention to the distant seas and unknown lands. There, among the Sands and wealth of the East, you will be able to establish a rapidly growing city, to pave the trade routes and achieve a special position among the rulers of the earth! Discover a new country and archipelagos, select the features of construction, use of new technologies and influence to increase his popularity in the courts of sultans and kings.
the Game has kept all the best in the ANNO series and considerably extended the borders of conventional strategies. Each city is completely unique, and the locals have yet to convince of the benefits of mutual cooperation. You will be available as an incredibly intriguing singleplayer campaign and free play in the vast universe, all aspects which can be changed at will. Unsurpassed grandeur and scale make ANNO 1404 this gift to all fans of strategy in real time. The game will appeal to both connoisseurs of the genre, and aspiring merchants and discoverers!
– an Unforgettable journey to meet the mysterious and distant countries.
– Hundreds of types of buildings, large selection of products and resources.
– All spheres of life of the XV century – building, trade, exploration and diplomacy.
Venice: the Legendary Venice coming to life right before your eyes! This time you will be able to use not only their talents in management and trade, but also special abilities. Raise a neighbor’s rebellion, to ravage his land, poison dangerous competitor – the choice of action is yours. And yet you expect hundreds of new tasks in the massive single-player campaign and unique multiplayer modes.
– Become the ruler of the beautiful city of Venice – you will find hundreds of new quests!
– Use your abilities to achieve the goal of the uprising, poison, magic and General destruction.
– Compete with your friends in various multiplayer modes and conquer their civilization.
Extras. information:
1) has the problem with disappearing cursor is not resolved and offer two workaround:
1.1) Immediately after startup appears a white screen. You need to click the mouse once or twice and all.
1.2) Change the screen resolution back and forth.
2) Exclusive: Set all the patches to the main game and the expansion.
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