Art of Murder: FBI Confidential [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

Art of Murder: FBI Confidential [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

Name in Russian: x-files FBI: Death as art
Developer: CITY Interactive
Publisher: CITY Interactive
Publisher in Russia: the New Disk
Model of propagation: retail
the Release took place: 15 April 2008
Genres: Adventure, Detective
Language games: Russian
Language: Russian
Ported using Wine
Multiplayer: No
Architecture: x86
Version: 1.0
License: the Proprietary
medicine: DRM-free, not required

System requirements:

it would Seem, from the creators of a very weak FPS is not worth waiting for what is decent in any other genre. But it sometimes happens anyway. No, the Polish company itself, the publisher City Interactive has not created anything out of the ordinary. But shame on myself this time is not covered, unlike the previous one. Earlier, the team released a nightmarish series Terrorist Takedown 2. Now we have to see the adventure called Art of Murder: FBI confidential. Change of genre framework clearly influenced the developers ‘ beneficial: compared to the way it was, was simply wonderful. However, if you approach the game seriously, given not only the growth of dedicated developers over the other, but existing achievements of other teams, will have to admit that we are dealing with a good medium.
needless to say, hard to have the FBI agents. Wherever you spit – maniacs, serial killers. It is only a little gape – for example, to send a pretty companion for coffee – so immediately, and life will be deprived. Agent James out of luck: a sketch of his departure from this world was exactly like this. The main character named Nicole bonnet experienced a serious shock to discover his immediate superior at the death after a five-minute absence from the operational point for the most unfortunate of coffee. Naturally, the girl set out to take revenge: to find and punish the villain who killed James. Meanwhile, the chief of the Department decides to give the lovable agent for another job. Not less dangerous. In new York there is a serial killer, brutally massacred with their victims. At the crime scene, the monster leaves a “calling card” – an ancient coin. I cut out the corpses heart. In General, here is where to roam imagination and investigation. Gradually, Nicole discovers that the mysterious killings and a tragedy happened to her partner – links in a chain. The thread of the investigation will force her to repeatedly visit the Museum of pre-Columbian art (and not because of the love show), ride in other people’s houses, where new crimes are committed and even to go to Peru.

installation Procedure:

Screenshots PS Extras/Gag:WineHQ Yes, I directly annealed. Really fussed with it for a long time…
Intends to put everything he can run for the series, because this game is fun. I it in 2008 on my MX440 did not pass through (I have in one place the texture is not displayed, spoil where and what and how will not), I’ll replay now. Oh – MB next lay. Lol.
For me, it is a great game. In the rest of the series is not played, can not say anything.
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