ATOM RPG Supporter Edition (1.112) [amd64] [Multi] [Unity3D]

ATOM RPG Supporter Edition (1.112) [amd64] [Multi] [Unity3D]
Year of release: 2018
Genre: role-playing postapokalipsis, 3rd person
Developer and publisher: AtomTeam
libraries: Unity3D
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: amd64
Version: 1.112
License: the proprietary
interface Language: multilingual
medicine: not required
System requirements:
CPU: 2.4 GHz
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260/ATI Radeon HD 4670, 1 GB
the Place to install: 7,5 GB
ATOM RPG is a post apocalyptic game inspired by classic RPG games such as Fallout, Wasteland, System Shock, Deus Ex, Baldur’s Gate. In 1986, the USSR and the Western Block was virtually destroyed during the nuclear exchange. You are one of the survivors of the Apocalypse. Your task is to explore the brutal and mysterious world of the Soviet Wasteland, to conquer their place under the sun and unravel the sinister plot that threatens life on Earth, even more than nuclear war.
– ability to create unique characters with their own strengths and weaknesses
– balanced role system based on role-playing games (GURPS) from Steve Jackson Games — each set of skills contributes to the unique character of the passing game with individual dialogues and special ways to complete tasks
– dozens of skills, from hacking to gambling
– fun gameplay in a variety of places: learn the way of life of other survivors rebuilt from the ashes of the old world settlement, visit fields and forests infested with dangerous mutants, challenge pre-war secrets underground bunker or just take the scenic fishing pond
– tactical turn-based battles
– random encounter with a dangerous and amazing residents
– carefully designed dialogue
– a lot of jobs with alternative possibilities of passing: pass the game as you want, and not, as ordered by the developers
– completely non-linear storyline and more
Extras. information:
Supporter Edition includes:
– camouflage, added stealth, and completely changing the appearance
– knife NKVD agents
– the location “the crash site” (next to the red banner long ago there was a crash of a military helicopter — it’s time to check the crash site)
– soundtrack
– Wallpapers
Tested on Manjaro 18.1.5, 19.3 Linux Mint, Ubuntu 16.04.6.
installation Procedure:
to Make the file executable in its properties and run.
read More here.
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