Battlefield 1942 Battlefied 2 [RUS] (Wineskin) (1.6)

Game for Mac :: Battlefield 1942 и Battlefied 2 [RUS] (Wineskin) (1.6)

Year of release: 2002
Version: 1.6
Developer: Digital Illussions CE
developer Website:
Platform: Intel only
interface Language: Russian + English
Tablet: Program treated (does not require data entry/enter any data)
System requirements: 10.11 OS X Yosemite
CPU 800 MHz
RAM: 256 mb or above.
video Card of class GeForce 2/ATI Radeon 8500 with 32 mb memory and above.
16 gigs of space on the hard.
Description: From Stalingrad, Kursk, Berlin, Kharkov, to Guadalcanal, Tobruk, Wake island… Battles in this game are all “hot spots” known to us by the second world war. Imagine storming Omaha beach in the spirit of “Saving private Ryan” in which you could participate or release of Iwo Jima in the best tradition of the eponymous films. The player is provided with a huge number of possibilities: from control submarine to shooting enemies with a sniper rifle. The battles take place for control points that are placed on each of the cards. For the capture of these points side gets the advantage of technology and the emergence of a new spawn point. Each type of technology is a unique gameplay, which will have to learn from scratch. The plane exactly like the tank has its strengths and weaknesses, to understand that you have more than a dozen hours. In total, the game features more than 20 types of equipment for each of the 6 warring parties. 5 sets of infantry. 35 cards (including new ones).
Battlefield 2
Continuation of one of the most popular online strategic military fighters for PC – “Battlefield”, retaining all the best elements of “Battlefield 1942” and “Battlefield Vietnam”, puts the player in modern advanced, where military clashes involved only the most modern combat systems, better armored vehicles, planes, helicopters and huge arsenals of small arms and explosives…
Extras. information: In Battlefield 1942, there are 2 extras: Secret weapon of World war 2, the Road to Rome.
In Battlefield 2 there are a few mods and maps I have added
ATTENTION! MULTIPLAYER IS the ONLY Battlefied 1942 Battlefield 2 IT’s MISSING!
Battlefield 1942 in the initial profile you can only change the name of the User Custom CONFIG don’T CHANGE!
P. S
the Lord the problem of the appearance of the mouse cursor in combat, BF 2, and also the problem with the transition from the battle menu and back to 1942 can be associated with a game Repack with installer games,not a port of the game. Try to twist the screen resolution in BF 1942.
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