Beyond Good & Evil / Beyond good and evil [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

Beyond Good & Evil / За гранью добра и зла [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

Year of release: 2003
Genre: Action / Adventure / Racing / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubisoft Casablanca
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment/Buka
Ported using Wine
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: x86
Version: 1.01
interface Language: only Russian
Language: Russian
medicine: not required
System requirements: √ Operating system: Linux
√ Processor: Intel or AMD processor, 700 MHz
√ memory: 128 MB
√ video Card: – class GeForce 256 or Radeon 7200
√ Free space on hard disk: 2 GB
Description: planet of Hilly centuries is under attack of merciless aliens. Assistance from the government in the fight against the invaders obviously can not be expected, and the representative of the insurgent organization – girl-photojournalist named jade goes in search of the truth, armed with a camera, the staff Jo and indomitable determination. Shocking facts that she finds testify to a terrible government conspiracy. Jade and could not imagine how evil she has to fight…
Join the rebels and, along with author jade with cunning, strength and ingenuity uncover a government conspiracy. Let nothing prevent you to get to the truth. Expose the conspirators. Immerse yourself in a futuristic world full of deception and illusions, where the only hope for freeing to know the truth!
✔ Combining the epic boss fights, puzzles, stealth action, flying airplanes, shooting, classic platform elements and even the work of the photographer, Beyond Good & Evil goes far beyond classic gameplay action adventure.
✔ Freely explore the planet Hilley – beautiful in its uniqueness world with many quirky inhabitants and diverse alien life forms. Walk through the bustling streets of the capital of Chillie, spy on infested dangers of the dark bases of the alpha Corps, or travel the ocean in search of adventure.
✔ Amazing ever-changing game world, created a fantasy Michel Ansel — game designer of Rayman and Peter Jackson’s King Kong.
✔ Stunning three-dimensional graphics and stunning special effects.
✔ Unusually varied, beautiful and memorable music.
Extras. information:
Assembly based on this version of the game
Thanks Kron4ek for the Assembly wine and scripts
installation Procedure:
Unpack the archive.
to Run the script ./
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:558D9E5A0FA8712954CB995194262EF6E92A6F3B& | Size: 775.2 MB


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