Card game in the fool [CXZ Jade Port]

Game for Mac :: Card game in the fool [CXZ Jade Port]Year of release: 2010
Version: 7.0
Developer: Konyukhov Alexander
Platform: Intel only
System requirements Mac OS X
interface Language: English + Russian
medicine: Not required
Description: a Card game in the fool is a unique collection of card games which contains all the most popular card games, solitaire games, fortune-telling, magic tricks. Based on years of experience of playing cards.Extras. informationCard game includes:
·the games of fool (40 varieties): Albanian, Armenian, notrump, big, believe, not believe, dvuhkonturniy, road fools, boring, Mandarin, trump, Royal, circular, Magadan, piled, invisible, revolving, pneumatic, glasses, poker, simple, with epaulets, snap, conversion, conversion 2, empty, dirty, Czech (7), chuukese, Japanese…
·popular solitaires (30): Bayan, 2*2, Joker, fir-trees, desire, Carlton, Coco, wells, kings, Klondike (klondike), maze, Monte Carlo, base, Paganini, memory, parade, pairs, spider solitaire (spider), intersection, pyramid solitaire, handkerchief, secret solitaire solitaire, old friend, Threesome, prisoner, street, streets, watch, striping, six, solitaire, Chinese solitaire game.
·hit card game (20): bezique, borax, eight, nine, deberts, Domino, king (king), bingo, a donkey, a point, poker (poker), Polignac, proposinga, a drunkard, a sapper, third, tuzatu, hearts, 31, one thousand (1000), whist, bridge, whist, rams, cribbage, concinna, goat (burkozel), Piquet, belote, Canasta, marriage, Gypsy…
·the fortune-telling cards (6): closest fate, marriage divination, a dozen, a new acquaintance, pyramid, chatarunga, Tarot favorite, divination desire, divination, love, traditional divination.
·library – description and rules of all the most popular card games in the world (317), solitaire (518), Tarot cards (61), card tricks (138), shulerskih techniques of playing cards (42), dictionary of card terms (1552) and many more…
·game support for TCP/IP networking (online)
·the deck from 20 to 52 cards,
·7 decks of playing cards: Russian, bourgeois, Diana, princely, Slavic, pasensya, white Paleh,
·21 picture card table,
·21 shirt card of 16 bit colors
·6 styles of playing the fool (child, goof, enthusiast, aggressor, Cathal, Pro)
·4 levels of game for the professional,
·2 levels of play for katale (Schuler),
·check for cheating when playing with katale (sharper)
·the location of cards after the player,the
·animation and change the speed of movement of the cards
·statistics of the total or separate for each game type, shown in number or percentages, and the ability to play each player under their name and with their program settings
·changing the rules of the game in the fool,
·ability to cancel the move, save the game, save the size and position of the window, disable the status strip
·ability to play keyboard, lots of hotkeys to access the menu the
·sound of traffic cards, the voice of the opponent (computer)
·English language support
·a list of all the games, solitaire and divination
·and more.
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