Circadian Dice (1.0.5) [amd64] [ENG] [GameMaker: Studio*]

Circadian Dice (1.0.5) [amd64] [ENG] [GameMaker: Studio*]
Year of release: 2020
Genre: table, maps
Developer: Sanny Syberfeldt
libraries: GameMaker: Studio* (unofficial build for Linux)
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: amd64
Version: 1.0.5
License: the proprietary
interface Language: English
medicine: not required
System requirements:
CPU: 2 GHz
memory: 1 GB
Video: Intel HD Graphics 4600
the Place to install: 0.5 GB
Circadian Dice game inspired by single-player games by collecting a deck of cards, but instead of a deck — set of dice. Cosmic entity turned the time into an infinite loop. Observing the repeating patterns, it intends to destroy all uncertainty and capture reality. You control a group of heroes who managed to go beyond this unnatural cycle, with the aim to find and destroy its source. You have to overcome a series of skirmishes — improving set of dice and increasing the chances of winning. After each passing of the heroes, bones, any improvements, relics, abilities and modifiers that you unlock are saved. The more successful you will fight, the faster you will gather the Arsenal and unitarity a time loop.
– turn the dice into a weapon of destruction, the generators of wealth, a magical channels or machines to enhance performance
– 11 scenarios in normal and complex mode in complex mode, each scenario varies considerably.
– Unlockable Endless modes and Campaign (“roguelite”) make the game from the adventure battle during a stressful test of survival
– 6 different heroes with unique characteristics and styles of play
– 36 unlockable and equipable relics that give your character new abilities, game bonuses and change the characteristics
– 60 different abilities that enhance a character, manipulating your bones or damage your enemies
– polyleucine mechanics for each scenario, providing new possibilities with each game
– 55 enemies and boss 23, each with different characteristics and skills
– almost every enemy can be captured, giving you bonuses and new attacks, based on the attributes of the enemy
– rare random enemy mutations that can either complicate your adventure, or to make it easier
– each time script is a separate task and takes 10 to 30 minutes
– random mutators, and extensive capabilities make each scenario unique.
– a lot of tips for each element will help in training and finding your style of play
Extras. information:
Tested on Manjaro 20.0, 19.3 Linux Mint, Kubuntu 20.04.
installation Procedure:
to Make the file executable in its properties and run.
read More.
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