Cities: Skylines – Deluxe Edition [P] [RUS + ENG / ENG] (2015) (1.12.0-f5 + 25 DLC)

Cities: Skylines - Deluxe Edition [P] [RUS + ENG / ENG] (2015) (1.12.0-f5 + 25 DLC)
Cities: Skylines

Year: 2015
Version: 1.12.0-f5 – Sunset Harbor from 06.04.2020 + 25 DLC
Genre: Strategy (Manage/Busin, Real-time), 3D
Developer: Colossal Order Ltd.
publication Type: Native
Language: Russian | MULTI
Tablet: Enclosing (Cracked by “ACTiVATED”)

  1. System requirements
  2. OS X 10.9 (64-bit)br>
  3. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 3.0 GHz
  4. memory: 4 GB RAM
  5. video Card: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, 512 MB / ATI Radeon HD 5670, 512 MB (Not supported by Intel Integrated Graphics card)
  6. disk Space: 4 GB

Description: Cities: Skylines offers a new perspective on the classic genre of the urban simulator. This game captures faced mayor difficulties and allows you to create a real metropolis, at the same time bringing into play a nice innovation.
the game Creators were involved in the development of a series of Cities in Motion, so the game features a realistic transport system. You can use mods to adjust the gameplay to your liking, enjoying multi-level simulation of life in the city. You keep only the limits of your imagination!Extras. information

  1. Complex and multi-level simulation: to build a city easily, but if you can make it work as a clock? By becoming mayor, you’ll have to worry about education, water, electricity, police, fire, and utilities, and more, not to mention the economy of your region. The inhabitants of the city respond quickly to changes, making realistic many game scenarios.
  2. Detailed simulation of traffic flows: vast experience of the employees of the Studio Colossal Order, acquired in the process of working on the games in the series Cities in Motion, helped to create a realistic simulation of urban transport.
  3. Areas and policy: you don’t have to be a bureaucrat from city hall. Divide the city into separate areas, select the policy for each of them and achieve the post of mayor.
  4. day and night depending on the time of day the city is changing, and its inhabitants live according to a certain schedule. At night the traffic flow significantly decreases, and the efficiency of certain areas is reduced. This addition will allow you to manage different aspects of urban life at different times of the day.
  5. Broad support modifications: create new maps and modify existing buildings or to use them in the game or send to your friends. Look in the Steam workshop to download modifications with other enthusiasts.

In torrent includes all existing DLC on 30.05.2019

  1. Deluxe Edition Content (Soundtrack, Postcards, Artbook, Monumental Buildings)br>
  2. After Dark
  3. All That Jazz
  4. Campus
  5. Campus Radio
  6. Carols, Candles and Candy
  7. Concerts
  8. Content Creator Pack: Art Deco
  9. Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia
  10. Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings
  11. Content Creator Pack: University City
  12. Country Road Radio
  13. Deep Focus Radio
  14. Green Cities
  15. Industries
  16. Mass Transit
  17. Match Day
  18. Natural Disasters
  19. Parklife
  20. Pearls From the East
  21. Relaxation Station
  22. Rock City Radio
  23. Snowfall
  24. Synthetic Dawn Radio

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