Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn + Covert Operations Full version

Game for Mac :: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn + Covert Operations Full version

Year of release: 1995
Version: 1.22
Developer: Westwood Studios, Looking Glass Studios (N64)
developer Website:
Platform: Intel Mac Only
interface Language: English
Tablet: Not required
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Intel. Works up to macOS Sierra and probably will work in future releases of macOS. On any Intel Mac will do, as the minimum requirements DosBox is a PowerPC G4 1 GHz.
Description: a Computer game in the genre of real-time strategy, developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive in 1995; the first game in the eponymous series and the first game in the storyline of the Tiberium sub-series.
the game takes place in an alternate timeline, relatively modern our where around the world there is a war between two global factions: the international UN troops as part of the Global Defense Initiative, and military-religious Brotherhood of nod, headed by its charismatic leader Kane, fighting for the possession of the alien substance Tiberium that is slowly spreading across the planet.
the First idea about Command & Conquer was laid during the development of the previous game Dune II, adding the concepts presented in the past. Under the impression of events occurring at the time in the world (the Gulf war, Yugoslav war), the developers created an appropriate setting. A special feature of the game was a video accompanying the passing game campaigns shot with live actors, which became famous for orchestrating their Joseph cook, who played the role of leader of the Brotherhood of nod Kane.
After the release, the game received a huge commercial success, supported by the positive critical acclaim video game publications. When you exit the game sold 3 million copies. According to many editions of the game direction, Command & Conquer along with the other is one of the games had the greatest influence on the development of the genre of strategy in real time.
Extras. information: ATTENTION! TORRENT PEREZALIT ON 07/07/2015. Now when you run the program you need to choose a company for GDI, NOD or add-on Covert Operations. Enjoy and unsubscribe about problems. The game should normally run on 10.6 or later.New interface
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