Divinity: Original Sin II (2) – the Definitive Edition [L] [RUS / ENG] (2017) ( c + 1 DLC) [GOG]

Divinity: Original Sin II (2) - Definitive Edition [L] [RUS / ENG] (2017) ( + 1 DLC) [GOG]

Year of release: 2017
Genre: Isometric RPG
Developer: Larian Studios
Publisher: Larian Studios
Platform: MAC
Version: c
publication Type: License
Release: GOG
interface Language: Russian
Language: English
medicine: Not required (DRM-free)

Minimum system requirements:
System: OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra
Processor: Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: HD Graphics 5000 or Radeon R9 M290X
Storage: 20 GB available space
Other: Nvidia GPUs are not supported at this time and will likely result in graphical artefacts or distortion. Supported: MacBook Pro: all since late 2016; MacBook Air: all since mid 2017; iMac: with AMD GPUs since late 2013 Mac Pro: all since late 2013 Mac mini: all since 2018;
Recommended system requirements:
System: OSX 10.14.2 Mojave
Processor: Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: HD Graphics 630+ 560 or Radeon Pro or eGPU
Storage: 20 GB available space
Other: Nvidia GPUs are not supported at this time and will likely result in graphical artefacts or distortion.

the long-Awaited continuation of the famous role-playing game in which you will be able to gather your army of brave heroes to explore deep tactical combat system, and even to join forces with three friends. But remember: only one of you will become a God.
God is dead. The void is coming. The great power hidden within you, ready to awaken. The battle for the right to become a Creator began. Make wise decisions and do not trust anybody you meet on your way, because in every heart can nest the darkness.
Presence/absence of advertising:
During the installation process is informing the user about other gaming products through successive clickable images from the official system of digital distribution GOG.Features
Who are you?
Carnivorous elf, Prince-lizard or the undead rising from the grave? Choose your race and history for your character or create a character from scratch — the inhabitants of the fantasy world will behave differently depending on who (or what) you are.
This world needs a new God!
create a team and get to know each of the satellites, and summon the elements, learn all the subtleties tactical turn-based combat system and use landscape features and items to find around my favor.
Become a God, which is so desperately needed in Rivellon.
Explore a huge multi-faceted world of Rivellon alone or in cooperative mode that supports up to 4 players can leave the game or join at any time. You are always free to choose where to go, who to kill and how to interact with the world. Want new sensations? It offers new modes and PvP “master the game”.

  1. Select your past. You can choose one of several origin stories for your character, which will depend on his past goals which he pursues his individual tasks. For the first time in the history of the Divinity games you can play for human, lizard, elf, dwarf or undead, using their unique racial abilities. The world and its inhabitants react to you and your actions, which leads to the emergence of new trends in dialogue and new ways to perform certain tasks. In addition you will have the opportunity to write their own history, by creating a character from scratch.
  2. More freedom than ever. Go anywhere, talk to anyone, interact with whatever you want and become who always wanted to be. Any character in the game can be defeated, any item destroyed. Use role-playing game system to get benefits. Communicate with animals and spirits in order to extract valuable information. Explore a huge open world to find hidden dungeons, storyline branches and whole new location.
  3. New natural step-by-step interactions will make battles even more interesting. Combine the elements together – for example, fire and poison to create a particularly destructive combination. Bless and curse the surface, to completely change their usual properties. Create new skills and use the height to get in fights a decisive advantage.
  4. Even more serious and complex plot. Divinity: Original Sin 2 offers the player to plunge into an even more complex story than award-winning the previous game in the series. The gods left this world. Approaching Emptiness. Tough times require tough decisions…
  5. up to 4 players: none role-playing game allows 4 players to play together as it makes Divinity: Original Sin 2. The history of the origin of your characters encourage them to pursue different, often conflicting goals. Whether you decide to help companions or begin to interfere with? It depends on you.
  6. Test your skills in a new arena PvP mode. Challenge your friends and try to win in the fast paced turn-based battles. Battles take place on a special network arenas, full of mining, explosives and deadly traps.
  7. New technology. Due to engine Divinity Engine 3.0, the game can boast of a physically correct rendering, cloth physics, and dynamic system of playing songs. All this makes Divinity: Original Sin 2 one of the most atmospheric games in the history of the series.

DLCSir Lora
Description: Sir Lora is a squirrel fleeing the Knights of Drey – an apocalyptic furry order of knights who believe in the coming of the Great Acorn. He’ll join you in Fort Joy (along with his undead cat mount) and follow you through your adventure, sharing his wit, wisdom, apocalyptic warnings, and even some skill-crafting secrets.

  1. Recruit a mini-companion with unique storyline, look, and animations
  2. Unlock skill-crafting recipes as you help him on his journey.
  3. Discover how deep the secret of the Great Acorn goes…

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