Duke Nukem 1+2 [L] [ENG] (1991-1993, DOSBox) [GOG]

Game for Mac :: Duke Nukem 1+2 [L] [ENG] (1991—1993, DOSBox) [GOG]

General information:

Year: 1991 / 1993
Genre: Action Platformer
Developer: 3D Realms
Publisher: Interceptor Entertainment

publication Type: Digital license
language of the interface: English (English).
Language: English (English).
Tablet: is Not required (DRM-Free)

System requirements:

Operating system – Mac OS X
Processor: 1.0 Ghz.the
memory: 256MB.
Graphics: 128 MB VRAM.
Free space on hard disk: very little.
Keyboard and mouse.


it was a Lot of mighty heroes before him, and even more after. But no one could not touch him — the most famous on the planet, platinum blond, steroid athlete, uncompromising fighter with aliens and the most politically incorrect defender of the fair sex. Duke Newcombe guarding the Earth so the aliens there is nothing to catch. But willing to try there is always, therefore, are the proper challenge for Nuclear Duke. Narcissistic, effeminate Jock-sybarite — Yes, it is any of their obscene phrases instantly disarm the most demanding player!
a series of games under the guise of Duke Nukem is so unusual that it simply does not compare with anything. Starting in the form of a standard platformer, of which the early nineties, there were dozens, she suddenly turned into a break that formed a new genre. A three-dimensional incarnation of the adventures of a chauvinist-entertainer performed by 3D Realms was forced to fade even the glory of id Software. Duke Newcombe was so severe a character that even in his absence managed (and still manages) to put on the ears of the entire gaming industry, okutyvaya and the attention of fans, press and awards. But in light of recent news about the fate of our hero, I think it is a good time to remember how it all began.
In his first incarnation Duke Newcombe wore a pink vest, which can be regarded not only as the fault of artists or sabotage inside the 3D Realms. Questionable accessory disoriented the audience, forcing players to question not only the sense of taste of the hero, but in his other passions. To enter the second part of the game Apogee his mistake realized, vest eliminated and put on the Duke clearly mogilansky the top — namely red t-shirt. Later it became the shirt of the type in Russia since ancient times is calling “an alcoholic” and the Americans call a wife-beater, that is “geoboy”. In addition, the in-game scenes, in defiance of the doubters, was the first woman. Another thing is that it was Oprah Whitney, host of the talk show, on which Duke Newcomb presented his book “Why I’m so cool”. In the introduction to the Duke blurts that defeated Dr. Proton “last year”, so that the duration of 1998. However, this slightly contradicts the futuristic feel of Neo-Los Angeles, in which the action occurs. Anyway, over the city hangs a flying saucer a kilometer diameter and Duke Nyukema with the help of a mysterious ray is kidnapped by the aliens right from the Studio live. It turns out that rigelatins stole our hero to dissect his brain and create on the basis of the psyche of the hero is the perfect program for aggressive PC. With this approach, our hero does not agree. He fled from captivity, using the secret “to explosive a molar”, grabs the weapon from the rack next to his camera for four episodes kicks rigelatins their red alien ass. Graphics in the second part of the improved capital. The resolution is quadrupled, and the number of colors in the palette — sixteen times. The gameplay, however, has changed little — we still jump on the platforms, shoot at enemies, collect the keys and treated with soda. Of the innovations worth noting the mini-map, the stairs and the ability to modify weapons. Eliminating the alien threat, Duke Newcombe became the owner of his own spaceship. Sending him to the Ground, the Duke looked thoughtful — and not to capture him personally the planet, once the opportunity presented itself? But the temptation assailed our hero for long, and Duke decided that it would not be interesting. And while Duke Newcomb flew to the Ground, developers in the final credits promised that the next game will be Duke Nukem 3D. And it did not disappoint!
From 1 January 2016, the game is removed from GOG store. To buy at the moment in GOG it is not possible.

Features of release:

  • the Official edition from GOG, no changes to the file were made.
  • game Version: latest build 4 Aug 2015
  • Full GOG set including bonus material.

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