Europa Universalis IV [amd64] [Multi] [Native]

Europa Universalis IV [amd64] [Multi] [Native]
Year of release: 2013
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
libraries: Native
Multiplayer: LAN
Architecture: amd64
Version: 1.29.2, 1.30.2
License: the proprietary
interface Language: Russian (only in version 1.29.2), English, German, French, Spanish
Language: no
medicine: cured (Goldberg Steam Emu)
System requirements (minimum):
Operating system: Linux
CPU: Intel Core 2 or equivalent
memory: 4 GB
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6750 / NVIDIA GeForce 320 / NVIDIA GeForce 9600 or higher, 1024MB graphics memory required
Hard drive: 5 GB
Additional notes: GLSL 1.3, OpenGL 2.1
Europa Universalis 4 – a strategy developed by the Studio Paradox Interactive. In Europa Universalis players stand at the head of one of the civilizations that they have to lead to world domination. The game covers the time periods from 1492 to 1792, focusing on Europe in the era of discoveries. Driving the development of power, the player builds trade and business relations with its neighbors, leads diplomatic negotiations, or directs the armies in case of conflict. In addition, Europa Universalis 4 will present a system called Monarch Power, which connects the gameplay with the personal qualities of the monarch. Res Publica — the third addition to praised by critics strategy Europa Universalis IV, adds a new form of government. Discover a new way to control his people! In addition, players will have access to new gameplay elements for republics and dictatorship. Res Publica elevates the art of governance and exploration to a whole new level, allowing the player to try out new ways of earning bonuses in the process of expanding its own trading Empire.
Extras. information: there Are all released at the moment DLC.
Order install and run:
1. Unpack the archive
2. To run the script
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2B38240ACD639FA22A61FFB76E19AD63D1D0AC80& | Size: 5.28 GB


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