Far Cry [P] [RUS] [WineSkin]

Game for Mac :: Far Cry [P] [RUS] [WineSkin]

Genre: Action, Shooter, 3D, 1st Person
Year of release: 2004
Version: 1.04
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment / GOG
publication Type: License GOG
interface Language: Russian, English
Language: Russian, English
medicine: Not required (DRM Free from GOG)
System requirements:
> CPU: AMD Athlon 2400-3000+ or Pentium 4 2-3 GHz
> RAM: 512 MB
> graphics Card: GeForce 4 — GeForce FX 5950 Ultra; Radeon 9500 — 9800 XT
> Sound card: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0
> Free space on hard disk: 4 GB
the Game port:

  1. El Capitan 10.11.6
  2. 2,93 GHz Intel Core i7
  3. 8 GB RAM
  4. ATI Radeon HD 5770
  5. XQuartz 2.7.11
  6. 2.6.2 Wineskin WS9Wine1.9.24

Description: You – Jack Carver, the owner of a small Charter company, yielding to rent a boat in a tropical state of Micronesia. Your dark past is left behind, and the future promises only fun – you get a job to accompany a young ambitious journalist Valerie Constantine to the island Kabat. At first glance, the work – simply nowhere, but soon you realize that heaven at any moment can turn into hell.

  • Carefully planned engine is a new generation raises the bar for games of the action genre with the help of technologies such as its own display of the “Polybump”, advanced environment and character physics, destructible terrain, dynamic lighting, done with the help of motion capture animation and surround sound.
  • Fight on the edge of the Earth with unique, 800-meter scalable view system. Lock onto enemies from a distance using binoculars with a motion sensor. Then choose your style of attack — from sniping at long distances from ballistic shootings in the immediate vicinity.
  • Battles never become repetitive when you face far cry’s unpredictable, intelligent AI mercenary units trained in advanced adaptive group tactics. Enemy combat units are divided into snipers, hunters, scouts and grenadiers, and they will fight with you in any angles, at all distances and territories during their coordinated attacks. Commanders can call for reinforcements by land, water or air.
  • a variety of combat skills — melee, long range shooting, tactics such “search and destroy”, stealth operations and combat driving in closed and open environment.
    experience Unprecedented drama and realism in a misleadingly perfect setting, with incredible lighting and shadows, weather effects and an adaptive sound effects.

Change languagepresent In the game as Russian and English. To change the language to English must be in the file system.cfg (located in /Applications/Far Cry.app/Contents/Resources/drive_c/GOG Games/Far Cry) to change g_language = “English” g_language = “english
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