Forager [amd64] [Multi] [Native]

Forager [amd64] [Multi] [Native]

Year of release: 2019
Genre: RPG, Simulator, Indie
Developer: HopFrog
Publisher: Humble Bundle
libraries: Native
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: amd64
Version: 2.0.0
License: the proprietary
interface Language: multilingual
Language: no
medicine: cured
System requirements:
OS: Linux (Ubuntu 12.04+)
CPU: 1.2 GHz
Graphics: 512 MB
disk Space: 200 MB
Description: Forager is a 2D game with open world, which incorporates ideas from games, dedicated to research, farming and manufacturing items such as Stardew Valley, Terraria, and Zelda.

  1. Gather resources and manage them.
  2. Create useful objects and buildings.
  3. Build and improve the database from scratch. Buy land, to explore and expand their holdings.
  4. Develop and learn new skills, abilities, and drawings.
  5. Solve puzzles, find secrets and loot dungeons!
  6. You have access to any achievement! Do what you want, and do set goals!
  7. Start small and upgrade your base, skills, equipment, network of friends (and enemies!), to create your version of the future! Forager play the way you want…

Extras. information: Thanks liberodark for the given game
installation Procedure:
to Make executable file and to run it.
Details info.txt.
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EC4D7598A9CFBC2BD797F17069F75E378947251D& | Size: 88.8 MB


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  1. Hey can you get the Linux native version of Junk Jack? Can’t find it anywhere, if you have it, please share. That one:

    Thank you for your time sharing.

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