Gothic II: Night of the Raven (with Rebalance Mods) v2 [Wineskin]

Game for Mac :: Gothic II: Night of the Raven (with Rebalance Mods) v2 [Wineskin]

Year of release: 2012
Version: v2
Developer: Dimmell
developer Website:
Platform: Intel only
interface Language: Russian
System requirements:
OS X 10.8
XQuartz-2.7.2 (
has been Tested on the machine:
OSX Mountain Lion 10.8(10a269), an ASUS P8H67 B3, Core i5 2500, 8GB RAM, AMD ATI 5770 1Gb.
Description: Gothic 2 “the Night of the Raven” with the established modes of Dimes with voice and video.
1. Pack all the mods Dimmell’a Full Pack ReBalance SnC v2
2. Package espeak Speech Pack SnC
3. Video game Video Reb SnC
4. SnC Monster mod Patch v1.0
5. Texture pack Texture BEauty Scenery v1.1 by wpwpwp
Extras. information: Original distribution of mods release notes for OSX.defaults to the standard ReBalance mod 1.1
If you want to play another mod, click on the Gothic 2, right-click, “Show package contents”.
Launch Wineskin. Next, click “Advanced” and select the desired batch file to run.
They are on the way “Gothic 2 Files/Gothic II/System/”
start_v1_1.bat Is a standard mod Rebalance.
start_v2.bat Hardcore mod Rebalance.
startv_SNC.bat – Slash’n Craft v1.
startv_SNC_1_1.bat – Slash’n Craft v1.1
PS You need to make sure that I was okay to leave the game. After leaving the game in the terminal window, press Ctrl+C and exit to the OSX.
P. S. 2 If anyone wants the original Gothic 2 night of the Raven, make a simple batch file with Gothic2.exe as a Settingsthe game Settings are in Gothic 2 Files/Gothic II/System/Gothic.ini
To run in a window
– set zStartupWindowed=1
– In Wineskin Advanced -> Set Screen Options choose “Rootless windowed”.instruction for those wishing to install it yourself:Download wineskin
and XQuartz-2.7.2.
Run Wineskin and download engine WS8Wine1.1.5. Next, create a new wrapper with the engine WS8Wine1.1.5.
With the aid of winetricks installed.
Then install on Windows (under dev) Gothic 2 Gold.
it put a Full Pack ReBalance
Copy the installed folder in Windows Gothic II in your application.
Gothic 2 Files/Gothic II
Next, I made a few batichkov to run different versions of the rebalance.
Gothic 2 Files/Gothic II/System/start_v1_1.bat
GothicStarter.exe start -game:Rebalance.ini
/Gothic 2 Files/Gothic II/System/start_v2.bat
GothicStarter.exe start -game:Rebalance_V2_1.ini
OSX_DATA/Games/Gothic 2 Files/Gothic II/System/startv_SNC.bat
GothicStarter.exe start -game:SnC.ini
Gothic 2 Files/Gothic II/System/startv_SNC_1_1.bat
GothicStarter.exe start -game:SnC_v1_1.ini
the batch file you Need selectable in the settings and try to run.
VideosLaunch in windowed mode (brakes because of record of video QT, works better live:))br>
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