Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

Games for Linux :: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

Year of Release: 2005
Genre: Action, Racing
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: 1S
Ported using: Wine (3.14)
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: x86
Version: 1.01
License: the Proprietary
interface Language: Russian
Language: English
medicine: Cured
System requirements:
OS: Linux
CPU: 2 GHz
memory: 400 MB
Graphics: 128 MB
Hard drive: 6 GB
Description: Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the Los Santos (state of San Andreas) – city crime, drugs and corruption, where even movie stars and millionaires have any means to protect themselves from extortionists and gangsters. The beginning of 1990-ies. Carl returns home. His mother was killed, the family broke up, friends got in trouble, but against him put forward a false accusation of murder. To return the family and restore the old context, Carl goes on a dangerous tour of the San Andreas: it should in no matter what was to win the streets of the state.
installation Procedure:
1. Unpack the archive
2. To run the script
Also need to install the dependencies Wine. The easiest way to set yourself Wine from the repository, installed with it and the dependencies.
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