Homefront Ultimate Edition [P] [RUS / RUS] (2011) (1.5.5)

Game for Mac :: Homefront Ultimate Edition [P] [RUS / RUS] (2011) (1.5.5)

Year of release: 2011
Genre: FPS
Developer: Digital Extremes
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Mac
Version: 1.5.5
publication Type: Informal
interface Language: Russian
Language: Russian
medicine: Not required
System requirements:
Quad-core processor with a frequency of 2GHz and above;
memory: 4GB;
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 260 / ATI Radeon HD 4850 or better;
~ 10 gigabytes of free hard disk space;
the plot of the game written by John Milius, tells the story of how in the near future United Korea seizes the United States of America. In early 2012, Kim Jong-Il dies, and a year later came to power his son, Kim Jong-UN. By 2025 the U.S. economy will be finally destroyed by the second wave of the crisis, and those with political and military power of the Great Korean Republic (formed through the merger of the former DPRK, the Republic of Korea and some East Asian countries) will explode over the weakened States with a nuclear warhead and occupies the West of the country. The American people, who lost the regular army, but not broken, will continue to fight the invaders, leading them against the uncompromising guerrilla war. Their main task — to raise an insurrection in San Francisco, which became the base of the occupying forces.
the gameplay is more reminiscent of the Frontlines and Call of Duty: this is a standard first person shooter with lots of cinematic moments.
Additional information:
Before launching the game switch the keyboard layout to English.
When you first start the game starts to significantly slow, and in windowed mode; full screen can be enabled in the main menu. In addition, do not try to put graphic settings on max.
the Patch here Homefront Ultimate Edition.app/Contents/Resources/drive_c/users/Public/Application Data/Steam/MEX/55100
Multiplayer starts but the server the game finds. You can play on a local network.
Installed DLC, but they are all for online play: Fire Sale Map Pack The Rock Map Pack Express 870 Shotgun.
Presence/absence of advertising:
No ads.installation Proceduremake Sure that the system is allowed to run any application, and disabled SIP.
1. Mount the image .dmg by double-clicking on it.
2. Wait for the verification of its integrity system.
3. Drag the game icon to the Program folder (Applications).
4. Wait for backup.
5. The game icon appears in Launchpad, where it can run.
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:42522F25803EC79A5D703F3BF2FA4379BA6A71FE&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fbt2.t-ru.org%2Fann%3Fmagnet | Size: 9.09 GB


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