Imperator: Rome – Deluxe Edition [L] [RUS + ENG + 5] (2019) (1.0.3 + 4 DLC) [GOG]

Game for Mac :: Imperator: Rome - Deluxe Edition [L] [RUS + ENG + 5] (2019) (1.0.3 + 4 DLC) [GOG]

Imperator: Rome – Deluxe Edition
Year of release: April 25, 2019
Genre: Strategy real – time Historic
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Platform: Mac
Version: 1.0.3
publication Type: License
Release: GOG
interface Language: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Spanish Lat. Am., Chinese (SIMP.)
Language: none
medicine: Not required
System requirements:
Minimum system requirements
System: High Sierra, Version 10.13.3 (17D102)
CPU: 3.2 GHz Intel iCore i5-6500
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M390 2GB
Other: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
disk Space: 3,46 GB (3 722 190 848 bytes) – 1.0.0 + 2 DLC Windows Version
Alexander the great. Hannibal. Caesar. These great figures, and dozens of like them deciding the fate of a whole continent. Powerful kings, brilliant generals and self-proclaimed gods have left their mark in the history of the ancient Mediterranean. Located in what state were closely linked and often fought each other in fierce wars, and their cultural and political heritage became the basis for what today is called “Western civilization”. But it could have turned out very differently. Will you be able to change the course of history in the game Imperator: Rome?
Imperator: Rome — the latest large-scale strategy from Paradox Development Studio. The game covers several turbulent centuries, beginning with the partition of the Empire of Alexander the great in the East and ending with the Foundation of the Roman Empire, and invites you to experience all the joys and hardships of establishing a new Empire in the classical era. Manage your citizens, beware of traitors and hot read of the gods.
Imperator: Rome

  1. Control characters.
    Lively game world full of characters possessing different skills and traits that change over time. They lead your country, governed provinces, commanded your army and Navy and thus endowed with a new, more realistic appearance.
  2. a Variety of people.
    Citizens, free citizens, slaves and savages, each of these groups has its own culture and religion. Whatever they were doing, fought in your army, replenish your coffers or have inhabited your colonies, — follow their mood, because it determines your success.
  3. Combat tactics
    To thwart the evil plans of the enemy, carefully plan your actions before the battle even begins.
  4. Military tradition.
    Every nation fighting in their own way. The Romans and Celts of various combat capabilities, unique advantages, abilities, and combat units.
  5. Various forms of government.
    Control the Senate, the Republic, single-handedly hold the power in a monarchy or answer to the Council of the clans under the tribal system.
  6. Barbara and rebellion.
    Wandering barbarians threaten to destroy or to take your best land, and the treacherous governors and generals can revolt and win over the army!
  7. Trade.
    Goods to serve the prosperity of your province. Will you accumulate the resources in the hope to strengthen the local economy, or exchanged surplus to share the wealth with neighbors?
  8. Improving life in the province.
    Invest in the construction of buildings, roads and defensive structures to your state grew stronger and prospered.

Presence/absence of advertising:
During the installation process is informing the user about other gaming products through successive clickable images from the official system of digital distribution GOG.

Paradox Development Studio pisal(a):Immediately after the game, some game labels are not translated into your chosen language. For example:
— will Not be transferred to the names and nicknames of the characters.
– Not translated the names of the provinces, which tend to change depending on the dominant culture (“dynamic naming”).
— Some ships at the time of construction will automatically receive names in honour of cities of the nation. The names of these ships will not be transferred.
— by moving the card in 2D mode, the water bodies will not see the translated names.
Localization — a problem of paramount importance, and we will make all the necessary changes as quickly as possible.

comparison tablea Set of game materials “Hellenistic world”
the Former generals and officials of Alexander the great is divided between his heritage, his great tearing power apart. In Egypt, the famous Ptolemy keeps the body of the great conqueror and the wealth of the Nile. Seleucus consolidated his power in Persia, and Antigonus settled in Anatolia. Ill Lysimachus ruled in Thrace and Macedonia, the heart of the Empire, fell to the usurper, Cassander.
This addition will bring the War of the diadochi lot, including model units and more colors of the era.

  1. 4 new model armies: unique army of Macedonia, Phrygia, Seleucid and Thrace.
  2. 4 new ship models: the unique design of the military courts of Egypt, Macedonia, Phrygia, and the Seleucids, including the famous Greek ship-giants.
  3. Special monuments: the mausoleum of Alexander, Acropolis of Rhodes, Pergamon Acropolis, a Palace in ay-Khanum, the library of Alexandria and the Palace Urjadov in Macedonia.
  4. Six events dedicated to the heritage of Alexander, veterans of the wars of Alexander, spread Hellenistic culture, the city competitions of athletes and trade.
  5. the Series of events “Alexander’s Body”: try to steal the remains of Alexander the great and to erect a monument in his honor.
  6. New creative event: dedicate unique events from the set of a new work of art.
  7. New music created for “Hellenistic”.

installation Procedureto Download.
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