[In development] Barotrauma Supporter Bundle ( [amd64] [Multi] [Steam] [Mono]

[В разработке] Barotrauma Supporter Bundle ( [amd64] [Multi] [Steam] [Mono]
Year of release: 2019
Genre: survival, strategy, side view
Developer: FakeFish, escape Games
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
libraries: Mono
Multiplayer: the Internet locally
Architecture: amd64
License: the proprietary
interface Language: multilingual
medicine: cured
System requirements:
CPU: 2 GHz
Video: OpenGL 3
Location for installation: 1GB
Barotrauma — this is another strategy, which the unfolding events in the depths of the ocean frozen in Europe — satellite of Jupiter, where you set out with the goal of settlement. You will face many dangers and alien forms of life, so do your best to survive and not become someone’s dinner. Overcome difficulties and explore the depths of the ocean.
– play the submarine captain, security officer, engineer, engineer or doctor
– operate a variety of onboard systems of the submarine: a nuclear reactor, sonar, weapons, engines and many others
– create tools, medicine and weapons with the help of an integrated manufacturing system
– explore a dangerous alien depths sunken submarine in search of rare and valuable artifacts and resources, battle creatures, which will meet on your way, or run away from them
– unleash your creativity with the editor of the submarine, characters and animations, create mods
configuring your server
Extras. information:
Barotrauma Wiki.
Barotrauma Wiki (PDF).
Tested on Linux Mint 20, Manjaro 20.0.3, 20.04 Kubuntu, Debian 10.5.
installation Procedure:
Make file executable in its properties and run.
read More.
Steam Game
the Game on GitHub

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