Invisible, Inc. + Contingency Plan [x86, amd64] [Native] [GOG] [ENG + RUS] [281021]

Software for Linux :: Invisible, Inc. + Contingency Plan [x86, amd64] [Native] [GOG] [ENG + RUS] [281021]

Year of release: 2015
Genre: Strategy (Turn-Based / Tactical) / Stealth
Developer: Klei Entertainment
developer Website:
Publisher: GOG
Architecture: x86, amd64,
Version: 281021 Assembly 22858 (10.08.2018)
License: the Proprietary
interface Language: English, Russian (a separate archive)
Language: English
medicine: Not required
System requirements:
Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 / Mint 17
CPU: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video: nVidia 610M, Radeon 8400 or Intel HD 4000
Hard drive: 2 GB of free space.
Mouse and keyboard
Description: Invisible, Inc. – a revolutionary game in the genre of stealth with turn-based combat system from the Studio Klei Entertainment, who created Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve. You leading a squad of deadly spies, the best specialists of the underground organization, which includes the most talented hackers and agents of corporate intelligence services had not managed to lay your head during dangerous assignments.
the Game has earned unanimous critical acclaim for a combination of testing on the stealth, story tension and step-by-step system.
Addition Contingency Plan includes everything that makes the main game so memorable, and even more waiting for you: new spies, new abilities and unexpected danger, and the ties in the middle of the game a new plot will make your following the passage of a truly memorable (and much more complex if you want it).
Extras. information: an unmodied DRM free edition from GOG. Included DLC Contingency Plan.
10.08.2018: update 183969 (8.07.2017) -> 281021.
installation Procedure: to Give permission to run the installers (*.sh), install the game (, if you want to install DLC (, to play.Install Russian1. Extract invinc-russian-3.0.tar.gz in the game directory.
2. In the game language select: Options / Gameplay / Language -> Russian.
3. Restart the game, enjoy.the Decision of problems with the launch ofIf the game does not start, swearing in the console and log for missing files: “Could not find hash file.” – move the game folder in /opt/GOG/Invisible Inc.
a Solution proposed byymster. Update from pamania123 – the path can be any, as long as it did not contain dots and other special characters.
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E8880D6A646546358C90390DF9508C50966FB0E8& | Size: 920.9 MB


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