[amd64] Ubuntu GamePack 18.04 [January] (2020) PC

This is an operating system based on Ubuntu OEMPack which will provide a guaranteed launch more than 55,977 games and applications designed specifically for the platform GNU/Linux and designed for MS Windows and MS-DOS.

The monitoring system Zabbix 4.4 + Grafana 6.6.0 + Centos 8 + timescaledb postgresql 11 Virtualbox/Vmware

Zabbix — free system monitoring and tracking of status of various services of the computer network, servers, and network equipment, written by Alexios Vladishev. Grafana is a great alternative dashbord Zabbix. This lightweight and handy tool allows you to create charts and dashboards based on data from various monitoring systems. Specializiruetsya Grafana for visualization and analysis of such data.DOP. informationdistribution in the archive, because the size is reduced threefold. The virtual machine was going to Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1, hard disk format – vmdk

AirSlax 6.1.1 Base (2019) ENG/RUS

This program is designed to scan and further use of Wi-Fi networks.At startup scans all possible channels ether, finds and intercepts the target, it disables the client and by analyzing the data, selects a password, stores the results. Moreover, you can hack a network with both encryption types – WEP and WPA. In addition, is able to find the access point with authorization by WPS Protocol and choose the Pin. This version is actually a Live USB with the operating system on lyuksovka core.