WifiSlax64-2.1 Final [2020, SPA/ENG/RUS]

Wifislax – specialized live distro designed for hacking, security checks and auditing Wi-Fi networks.FeaturesComes with lots of drivers for different wireless adapters and a huge variety of software for work with Wi-Fi networks.

[x86, amd64] Parted Magic 2020 05 20

Parted Magic is a commercial Linux distribution with disk management partitions and data recovery tools, available as boot disk on Linux.DOP. infoHow to create LiveUSB (in English.) – Creating the LiveUSB (of. instructions + a video).СкриншотыDownloadСкачать distribution in the magnet ссылке797 MBRutracker.org distribute and store electronic versions of products, but only provides access to the generated user catalog links on torrent-files which contain only lists of hash sumsHow to download? (download .torrent files registration) asasel777Стаж12 years 5 mesalamine3

[x86, amd64] SuSE Linux 9.1 Professional SuSE [BOXED]

SUSE Linux 9.1 was released on Friday, 23 April 2004. This is the first release of SUSE Linux after Novell bought SUSE in January 2004. It was one of the first distributions that were released with Linux kernel version 2.6. Novell has placed on the FTP server unsupported ISO image of the CD with 1 CD of SUSE Linux 9.1, which was essentially SUSE Linux 9.1 Personal Edition. SUSE Linux 9.1 served as the basis for SUSE Llinux Enteprise Server 9 and Novell Linux Desktop 9. SUSE Linux 9.1 was succeeded by SUSE Linux 9.2 and stopped work from Friday, 30 June 2006. SUSE Linux 9.1 is still available on various SUSE FTP servers. It was preceded by SUSE Linux 9.0. P. S. This BOXED commercial version ripped from physical CDs – so there are mp3 codecs and adobe flash.This particular version is not on any tracker or archive is a commercial version bought in Berlin in 2005 for 50 euro))

[amd64] KDE Plasma Ubuntu 20.04

Build Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, DE – KDE Plasma 5.18.5, the core- 5.4.0-33-generic.Unlike Kubuntu is missing from kubuntu-desktop and its dependencies. Changed the composition of the packages, layout, some settings.

[amd64] Debian 10 (buster) XFCE 4.14 spb

Assembly based on Debian 10, DE-XFCE 4.14, the kernel 4.19.0-9-amd64 is only Russian localization.Collected in a chroot jail as the original, from a minimal system. Refused to stock Debian XFCE 10,