[amd64] Ctlos Linux Xfce v1.6.0 iso image, based on Arch Linux


  • Support for UEFI.
  • Perhaps the Luks encryption in the installer, at the stage of partition a hard drive.
  • GUI(DE)xfce4.
  • Support for Russian language.
  • Graphical installer calamares.
  • Graphical software Managerpamac-aur.
  • the Set of required driversvideo, sound, network.
  • Configured the font smoothing fontconfig.
  • burning iso imagesmintstick.
  • backuptimeshift.
  • the welcome Screen.
    Vkljucena support Aur repositorya package Manager yay, this suggests that problems with the search should not be.
  • [x86, amd64] ALT p9 starterkits 20200312

    starter kits — Assembly on the basis of the stable repository Viola, are intended for advanced users and giving them the possibility to quickly and easily find yet proven DE/WM, or to deploy the next machine with minimum consumption of time on the installation and configuration for themselves.They are not complete distributionsa special documentation for each release is not created, the design is simple and common to all build the sense of gluing the Wallpaper, which “settlers”” the first thing is replaced with something to your taste? )

    15.2 Zorin OS Ultimate/Ultimate-Lite [32-bit, 64-bit] 3 DVD

    15 Zorin OS based on Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2. Users of the new version will receive access to a number of updated applications, as well as receive future updates to the Linux kernel, including Linux Kernel 5.3, using Canonical Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE). When you use easy to forget that the desktop of Zorin OS based on GNOME Shell, that is the same shell as GNOME, used almost everywhere these days.Features of Ultimate, It has a complete set of features to the basic version and also a number of add-ons6 layouts of the desktop, including macOS and Ubuntu;

    [amd64] Ubuntu Unity LTS 18.04.4

    Assembly 18.04.4 Ubuntu, kernel 5.3.0-28-generic, the main difference from the original imageDE – Unity X display Manager – LightDM.The full Russian language support, removed unnecessary locale

    [x86, amd64] Parted Magic 02 23 2020

    Parted Magic is a commercial Linux distribution with disk management partitions and data recovery tools, available as boot disk on Linux.DOP. infoHow to create LiveUSB (in English.) – Creating the LiveUSB (of. instructions + a video).СкриншотыDownloadСкачать distribution in the magnet ссылке783 Music distribute and store electronic versions of products, but only provides access to the generated user catalog links on torrent-files which contain only lists of hash sumsHow to download? (download .torrent files registration) asasel777Стаж11 years 11 mesalamine3

    [amd64] Ubuntu GamePack 18.04 [January] (2020) PC

    This is an operating system based on Ubuntu OEMPack which will provide a guaranteed launch more than 55,977 games and applications designed specifically for the platform GNU/Linux and designed for MS Windows and MS-DOS.