Napoleon: Total War – Gold Edition [L] [RUS / RUS] (2013) (1.3.0) [Sega]

Napoleon: Total War - Gold Edition [L] [RUS / RUS] (2013) (1.3.0) [Sega]
Year of release: 2013
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: Mac
Platform: Mac
Version: 1.3.0
publication Type: License
Release: Sega
interface Language: Russian
Language: Russian
medicine: Not required
System requirements:
– Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later
– Processor: Intel 2GHz or better
– RAM: 4GB or more
Graphics: 256 MB or more
– Hard Disk Space: 30 GB
Description: Three single-player campaigns offer to follow the route of the great commander. Smashing enemies in Italy, Napoleon is sent to Egypt to fight with the Bedouins and Mamelukes, and then tries to put on his knees Europe. Tiny by the standards of the Empire map, limited number of participants, reduced capabilities (in Italy no research in Africa locked diplomacy) — not about the fans dreamed of during the long winter evenings.
to Shake the foundations of no one, fortunately, decided not to. Like a year ago, we raced the army of the valley and villages, build infrastructure, develop science and bully neighbors. Dozens of small, but always important details shared by Napoleon and Empire. The French, lost in the desert, suffering from heat and thirst, near Moscow — the curse of frost. It is necessary to make forced marches without stopping in an open area without extreme need. One course takes two weeks; in impassable snowdrifts can lose half the troops and wait out bad weather on the couch will not work — over the ear of the inexorable ticking of the timer. Has not fulfilled the historical mission for a set number of moves, start again. Something similar happened before, but then the authors went too far. There’s nothing worse than stopping in a step from the purpose.
At the tactical level, is another portion of surprises. Morale of the personnel already not a mystery. Over every detachment of the hanging strip, allowing you to instantly see the consequences of grapeshot volley or kick in the rear. Cleared up the role of commander. Around it delineated spheres of influence, near and experienced leader subordinates feel more confident. The word of the commander works wonders, increasing accuracy or stopping the retreat. Have to fly over the field of battle and to pry into the most dangerous of the dust. Needless to say, than it is fraught for health? Death only has power over Napoleon and some of the key characters. Receiving a portion of the lead, serving VIP treatment in the capital.
Additional information:
the Following cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI HD2xxx series, Intel GMA series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and NVIDIA 8xxx series.
You need to have 8GB of memory (RAM) to use the following cards: Intel HD3000, Intel HD4000, NVIDIA 9400 and NVIDIA 320M.
Presence/absence of advertising:
Advertising – Features of releaseFight famous battles such as Austerlitz, the battle of the Nile and Waterloo experience the same conditions as Napoleon himself.
Stand at the head of thousands of troops during a large-scale land battles and sea battles.
plan and execute the strategy for the European great powers, which you alternate manner will lead to victory for the course of this military campaign.
Lead the forces of France or one of the four great powers: great Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia, allied against it.
Forge alliances, negotiate trade routes and research new ideas and technologies to build an economic and military superpower.
Dominate LAN and online multiplayer modes: shape unique scenarios, enable drop-in battles and even fight entire campaigns against human opponents.
Supports Game Center (requires OS X 10.8.3).
Napoleon: Total War – Gold Edition includes the main game, The Peninsular Campaign and three sets: the Imperial Eagle Pack, the Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars Pack and the Coalition Battle Pack.installation Procedureto Unzip the DMG file, move the contents to the folder “Programs”, start, select resolution, and press the “Play”button.
ATTENTION! Nothing is changed in the column input key.
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