Ion Fury (1.0.2) [amd64] [ENG] [GOG] [Native]

Ion Fury – arcade shooter from the first person executed in the spirit of Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and Blood, where you have to play for Shelly Harrison, which is not much more modest Nuclear Duke. You will find huge levels, tons of enemies and shooting them from a pile of various weapons.

[In development] Factorio (0.14.23/0.18.1) [x86, amd64] [Multi] [Native]

Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You’ll gather resources, develop technologies, build infrastructure, automate production and fight enemies. At the beginning of the game you have to cut timber, dig mines, build conveyors and robots manually, but soon the factory will become a powerful industrial complex with huge solar panels and refining, you will have robots for construction and planning and any resources. However, this ruthless exploitation of the planet is unlikely to appeal to locals, so get ready to protect himself and his Empire of machines.

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game (1.112 + 1 DLC) [amd64] [RUS / ENG] [Unity3D] [GOG]

ATOM RPG game inspired by classic crpgsFallout, Wasteland, System Shock, Deus Ex, Baldur’s Gate. In 1986, the USSR and the Western block was virtually destroyed during the nuclear exchange. You are one of the survivors of the Apocalypse. Your task is to explore the brutal and mysterious world of the Soviet Wasteland, to conquer their place under the sun and unravel the sinister plot that threatens life on Earth, even more than nuclear war.

Children of Morta (1.1.37) [amd64] [Multi] [Unity3D*]

Children of Morta is a story — driven role-playing game about a brave family. Mount mort — center of the universe for the inhabitants of the land of Rei, a symbol and source of life, health and prosperity and along with the Keeper of the history, legends and magic. You have to go deep into the mountains and unravel its mysteries. The game tells the story of what is familiar and close to everyonesimple but dear to the heart feelings, which is sometimes hard to admit, about love and hope, anguish and doubt, loss and great sacrifices that we go for the sake of those who are particularly dear to us. You will go on an adventure with the family the real heroes — the guardians of mount Morta. When the land of Rhea captures the Filth, the duty of the guardians to fight the ancient evil. But the story is not about saving the world, and of the heroic family of which cling to each other even when the darkness threatens to engulf the whole world. You will meet different from each other by characters and master their unique fighting stylesfather John is a fighter and master of defense with sword and shield, oldest daughter Linda — label Archer, Kevin, the silent soldier, armed with deadly daggers, Lucy — nimble and brave fire mage, mark — master of martial arts, and Joey smashing enemies with a sledgehammer. Will you be able to find the origins of Contamination and to learn how it appeared in these serene places? Will you be able to sacrifice everything to save those who are dear to you?

Hearthlands [amd64] [Java] [1.2.1] [GOG] [RUS + ENG + 4]

Hearthlands – the real-time strategy/city-building game, which offers time to become the ruler of a fantasy medieval Kingdom. The game world is generated procedurally. The king could not directly control their subjects, but are free to manage resources, construction, negotiate with the neighbouring powers to control the heroes and magic, do other everyday Royal Affairs.

Tooth and Tail Soundtrack Edition ( [amd64] [Multi] [Mono]

Tooth and Tail is a real time strategy game from the creators of MonacoWhat’s Yours Is Mine, for veterans and newcomers of the genre, with the ability to play single player or multiple players in split screen mode. Gather an army of wild boars-flamethrower, toxic, skunks, owls, Marines and lead the revolution! Build a base and devour your enemies!

Planet Nomads ( [amd64] [Multi] [GOG] [Unity3D]

The game takes you into deep space, where your spaceship crashes on an unknown planet, with no place to wait. It only remains to examine the area and to arrange your life. The gameplay is tied to the creation of objectsyou can build almost everything, from small devices to vehicles and buildings. Locations are random, and many of the objects you can destroy, and the physical model is quite accurate. Implemented the cycle of day and night, the weather is sometimes unpredictable, and the inhabitants are quite bizarre. In the end, you can build a new ship and go on or stay on the planet.

Stardew Valley [x86, amd64] [Mono] [GOG] []

Grandpa has left you a legacy of the old farm in Scardu valley. In your pocket a few coins and basic tools – everything you need to start a new life. Will you be able to feed themselves by farming and turn these forests into a blooming garden? It won’t be easy, because the old way of life disappearing under the onslaught appeared in the city Corporation. Local community centre, where once was full of life, abandoned. But the chances still abound! With some work, you will be able to revive the former glory of Scardu valley!Turn overgrown with weeds of the field in a neat farm! Grow cattle and crops, plant an orchard, build right on the farm buildings! Create the farm of your dreams – places you stop.

[In development] Volcanoids ( [amd64] [Multi] [Unity3D]

Volcanoids is survival in the style of steampunk, where you have to build a huge drilling machine to survive on an island turned from Paradise into an apocalyptic wasteland after the eruption of the volcano, which awakened living on the island of hostile robots. You need to outsmart the robots and grab one of those rigs. Use their own technology against them. Cutting into the earth and collect the necessary resources, automate production, research technologies and improve your drilling machine.