[x86, sparc] Oracle Solaris

Oracle Solaris 11.4 11.4 Oracle Solaris Support Repository Update (SRU) this is a patch for Solaris 11.4. A monthly publication, the big update + there are extra minor fixes. The repository contains the updated packages for x86-64.

[amd64] [amd64] DeepNude Premium v2.0.0 [2019, ENG] 2.0.0

This program allows you in few clicks to convert a photo “removing”” clothes “”painting something”” instead of her bare female body part. Works best on bright summer photo. This program was developed by team of programmers from Estonia. She closed the development and dissemination of the program almost immediately after its publication because of the hype on the Internet. Contrast cracked version free — no watermark and logo of the program on the treated images.Startupin a terminal, enter the folder “”DeepNude_Linux_v2″”, type “”./LaunchDeepNude.sh””Bayville program by clicking on “”Transform”” – not capture the edge of the scope picture. If the image is stretched, you can change the resolution of the image into square (e.g. with Gimp), on the sides leaving an empty space (and that they have not disappeared, export to png)

[x64] Kerio Control build 2921 Upgrade 9.2.7 9.2.7 Image

Kerio Control is a complete solution in the field of security, combining several features of the new generation — including firewall (firewall) and the router detection system and intrusion prevention (IPS), antivirus, VPN, filter web content and application filtering.DOP. information* 2-Step verification UI improvements

[amd64] VMware Workstation 14 Pro version 14.1.1 build-7528167 (Debian/Ubuntu)

A program for creating multiple virtual computers on a single system. VMware Workstation allows, working in one operating system (e.g. Windows 10), at the same time work in Windows 7, FreeBSD, Linux, etc. – without the need to allocate under operational systems separate resources and restart the computer when switching from one OS to another. The application allows, in fact, from one computer to receive multiple, and these virtual computers if necessary can be completely isolated from each other, and can conversely, combine into a virtual LAN.VMware Workstation 15 Pro version 15.0.2 here