[amd64] DEBIAN 9-x64 e17 (Enlightenment) aleks200059

The most beautiful and custom all over the Desk and the quick and easy system compared to lxde which seems to be a brake but at the same time the most rare system which in the Assembly is not for beginners but for knowledgeable linux brains on you….. For a long time was unstable but with financial support from Samsung for a short time before stability and development with support x and wayland in the new version of E22 Whole story of distros with E17 has three rows of star systems E17 …. opengeu … moonos…. elive (pay-only distro which now has come to life again and he made the table based on debian wheesy x86 with free installation) and of course bodhi linux on ubuntu with a beautiful takeoff and a sad continuation of the development of… System is made with an eye to the beauty of the elive distro but x64 for the Belgians so far, only plan but according to my observation, are taking aim at buster in a mixture of libraries Debra 9…. compote dependency but the life will show….Picked yourself up from zero the System is stable branch of Debian the Difference that it raised the level of libc putting it in the thread buster

[amd64] Kerio Control 9.1.4 – 9.2.3 [i386, amd64] 1xCD 9.2.3

Kerio Control is a complete solution in the field of security, combining several features of the new generation — including firewall (firewall) and the router detection system and intrusion prevention (IPS), antivirus, VPN, filter web content and application filtering.Treatment antivirusматериаламhttp//www.digiboy.ir/6616/how-to-update-kerio-control-bitdefender-antivirus/

[x86] Twonky Server 8.2.1 [2016, MULTILANG +RUS] (UPnP/DLNA)

Twonky Server is an application that will allow you to create your own media server. Imagine the situationyou have a TV, Wi-Fi module, tablet or smartphone which you want to watch a movie stored on the computer. Usually, in this situation, you have to initially record the desired videos on portable media, or convert it to supported by your gadget format. But it is much easier to use Twonky Server to configure your server to set access to the folder in which to stay the video and watch it over the Internet. To configure the program not so difficult. Beginners its not recommended, but if you consider yourself more or less confident user, no problems should arise. And last – the program has a fairly user-friendly web interface and supports UPnP AV / DLNA.