Sally Face [L] [RUS + ENG + 4] (2016) (1.5.09) [GOG]

Immerse yourself in the grim adventure of a boy with a prosthetic face and heavy past. In the first episode called “the Strange neighbors”” Sally-shredding and his father move into a new apartment, meet a variety of tenants in the building and realize that almost svidetelyami crimes. They were unaware that the hardships are just beginning.

Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive / Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland [L] [ENG + 2] (2019) (1.2.1) [GOG]

After the strange cataclysm that split the moon in two, began on Earth ecological disaster. Everything is alive or has died, or is slowly dying… except you. At least you think so. Don’t Escape4 Days to Survive is a post-apocalyptic Thriller from an experienced developer Scriptwelder, the Creator of the popular series, Deep Sleep and Don’t Escape in the horror genre. In the game you must not only find a way to strengthen your home and protect yourself from the dangers that beset the house at night, but to get to the real cause of the end of the world. Well, try to escape, if at all possible.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition [P] [RUS / ENG] (2009) (1.3)

The game takes place between III and IV episodes cinematic Saga. Darth Vader, the cruel Lord of the Sith, scouring the Galaxy in search of surviving Jedi. He arrives on a rebellious Kashyyyk where the Wookiees rebelled against the Empire, and, according to rumors, they help a Jedi. He finds this Jedi, Kent Marek, and kills him in a fight, strike the enemy with Force Choke. Vader discovers that Marek has a young son Galen, feel it strong, and takes his training to the Dark side. He anoint his secret apprentice starkiller with, and makes him believe that together they overthrow the Emperor Palpatine…

Kentucky Route Zero: PC Edition (Acts I—V) [L] [RUS + ENG + 7] (2013) (Eastman Sea Rover soundtrack update) [GOG]

With the coming of dusk in Kentucky, the birds singing replaced by a chorus of frogs and insects, familiar roads become so familiar, so lost it becomes quite easy. And those who are already lost, can get the secret highway that runs through the system of underground caves. People living and working from the road, at first seem a little strange, but soon you get used to them is an aging carrier, carrying last order closing the antique store, the girl putting old televisions surrounded by ghosts, the boy and his huge friend, eagle, robots-musicians, invisible, invisible but watching all and all energy company, as well as surviving the century a small community, the last effort struggling with their own extinction.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Imperial Edition [L] [RUS + ENG + 3 / ENG] (2018) (2.0.8 + 9 DLC) [GOG]

Thanks to the help of over 18,000 fans who supported the Kickstarter campaign and narrative designer Chris Avellone and composer Inon Zura, Studio Owlcat Games is happy to offer you a first isometric role-playing game in the universe of the beloved Board game Pathfinder. In PathfinderKingmaker, you’ll be able to feel like a brave adventurer and fight against the forces of evil in the magical world. You can become a nimble warrior with the enchanted sword, a powerful sorceress, in whose veins flows the blood demon, the wise priest, sent by the merciful gods, the devious rebel, who easily defuse even the deadliest of traps, or any of hundreds of other heroes. Complete freedom of imagination!Pathfinder is a new incarnation of the oldest fantasy role-playing game according to the rules of D&D version 3.5, which was created thanks to reviews such as the gamers like you. PathfinderKingmaker® is a game that can impress both experienced players and beginners who are only acquainted with the universe, Pathfinder®.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition [L] [RUS + ENG + 10] (2014) ( + 4 DLC) [GOG]

This War of Mine is the first game that allows you to see the war not as a soldier, but on behalf of a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city, experiencing shortages of food, medicine, and being in constant danger from snipers and looters. Do whatever you need to survive, but try not to lose humanity. Gameplay “This War of Mine”” is built on the alternation of day and night. Snipers do not allow you to leave the shelter during the day, so you have to do other thingsto rebuild their shelter, trade, take care of the survivors. At night, choosing one of the unique locations, you can send someone in search of provisions, which will help you to stay alive.