Need for Speed Underground 2 [P] [ENG] [UnOfficial Cider]

Game for Mac :: Need for Speed Underground 2 [P] [RUS] [UnOfficial Cider]

Year of release: 2004
Developer: EA Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Publisher in Russia: 1C-Softklab (SoftClub)
Platform: Intel only
interface Language: Russian
Language: Russian
Tablet: Not required
System requirements:

  1. Mac OS X 10.4+.
  2. Intel 2GHz
  3. 256 Mb video
  4. 512 Mb RAM

Need For Speed: Underground 2 video game Need For Speed series in the genre of endless arcade car racing, developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts in 2004. This is the eighth issue in the series Need For Speed, which is the direct sequel to Need For Speed: Underground 2003.
the Main idea of the game is based on tuning cars and street racing. The game has several types of races with its own rules and peculiarities: circuit, sprint, drag racing, drifting, street x, professional League, races on SUVs and test drive, in which the player is able to move freely around the city and participate in competitions with other riders. There are several new opportunities such as expansion kits car body, a free, exclusive vehicles and details.
• the actual layout of the city roads — from serpentine suburban hills to an intense draw of the town centre
• races can happen anywhere and at any time, and opponents can meet on the streets
• 3 new game modes
• more than thirty of the most popular brands of cars from Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, and Toyota to Ford and Volkswagen.
• the game has multiplayer.
Extras. information:
the Game is completely Russified, the basis is the American version. As you know, there are two versions of the game NFS Underground 2: American and European. The main difference in these versions is a pair of cars: the us version is Acura RSX and the Honda Civic in Europe as these machines is represented by the Peugeot 106 and Vauxhall Corsa 1.8. In addition, different names of some cars, for example at Hyundai and Mazda MX-5.

a few words about the management and all sorts of bugs• If the increase included the effect of halo and blur on my Hackintosh with NVIDIA there are some visual artifacts but on iMac with Intel Iris Pro no artifacts no.

in Order to avoid them, disable these effects in the settings.

• When you try to reassign keys, the game simply stops responding, so I strongly recommend not to touch anything. Shifting in drag racing set to left Shift.
• Because this is the port and the inevitable bugs. When you try to put to change the level of detail – the screen turns white, it helps to restart the game.Widescreen resolutionit is no secret that NFS Underground 2 was released in 2004, in the days of 4:3 screens. Many owners of widescreen monitors are faced with the black bars on the sides of the screen, you want buttons. Comes to the aid included in the distribution program UniWS (working under Windows), which is designed for changing the resolution in-game Electronic Arts.
1) first we need to get to the desktop the file speed2.exe located at /Applications/NFS Underground Files/
2) Copy this file to a computer running Windows, on your desktop create a folder, call it NFS, for example, and put the EXE shnik in there. Unpack the archive and run the uniws.exe
3) Specify the path to the folder you created, click Find it for me…, after a few seconds the program will find Your speed2.exe, and the boxes below to indicate your permission, click Patch.
4) Copy the patched speed2.exe back to Mac and copied with the replacement address: /Applications/NFS Underground Files/
5) In game settings set the resolution of 640×800! Note: in the permission menu may not change, but in the race it FilesSave at: /Applications/NFS Underground Settings/Application Data
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