Oracle Database 19c ( for Linux x64 (virtual machine VMWare Workstation/Player)

Oracle Database 19c ( for Linux x64 (виртуальная машина VMWare Workstation/Player)
Year of Release: 2019
Version: 19c (
Developer Oracle Corporation
developer Website:
Architecture: amd64
medicine: Not required
interface Language: English
Description:: part of the release includes:
Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.6 x64 (full free copy of RHEL 7.6)
Oracle Database 19c ( Enterprise Edition for Linux x64
Oracle Enterprise Manager Express Tool Oracle DBA
Oracle Application Express 19.2 – configured free Web applications from the manufacturer, full details can be found here:
Oracle Enterprise Manager Express administration tool DBMS
SQL Developer 19.1 – development tool for Oracle Database
Your attention is invited to the virtual machine for those who work and want to learn DBMS Oracle Database 19c!
Link to distribution Oracle Database 19c (who wants to install everything yourself):
Oracle Database 19c
required To run VMWare Player or Workstation versions 15 and later
Requirements: 26Gb hard drive space and 8Gb of free RAM.
Created one database non-containerized “orcl” (non-CDB)!
1) Installed the Linux kernel from Oracle (Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel).
2) Installed a fresh VMWare Tools
3) is Configured to update yum-repository using and installed all the updates for the OS on July 17, 2019
In a virtual machine created five CDs:
the first system had a volume of 100GB;
second swap file, the volume of 24GB ;
third for temporary files, 32GB capacity – VM within pazmontirovanie in the /tmp directory;
fourth – for the installation of application software and data, the volume of 120GB, – pazmontirovanie in /u01;
fifth disc is for data files DBMS Oracle 2TB volume – pazmontirovanie in /oradata.
1. Unzip the archive and open the VM using VMWare Player/Workstation
2.All software (database instance, the listener) are automatically started at boot time. When shutdown-s all OS software also automatically stops.
3.All the software is installed under user oracle – his entourage set to Database Home.
4.Enterprise Manager Express starts automatically (implemented in the database).
to access the Enterprise Manager Express, use: https_://localhost:8080/em
5. To access the Application Express, use: http_://localhost:5501/apex
Login to the virtual machine:
the Passwords of all users (root/oracle/sys/system/admin): “oracle”
WARNING: Release is exploratory in nature. In prodakshen can put on your own risk, because you must have a license and support from Oracle or Oracle partners.
Other virtual machine installed Oracle Database 19c:
Virtual machine for VirtualBox developer Oracle 19c (Oracle Linux + Database + SQLDeveloper + APEX)(Image VirtualBox)
Oracle Database 19c ( for Linux – lab upgrade / migration to Oracle 19c – virtual machine VBox
Oracle Database 19c ( for Linux x64 (Virtual machine VirtualBox)
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