Ever 17: Out of Infinity [x86] [ENG + RUS] [Wine]

May 1, 2017, In an underwater amusement Park LeMU is a disaster, resulting in part of the complex is flooded. Visitors were evacuated, but several people remain locked up. They are waiting for help, while trying to escape from flooding and to understand the series of anomalies surrounding himself underwater complex and its destruction.This is a story about the struggle for survival, good and evil, love and hate. Every minute, the story gets more confusing.

Hob [x86, amd64] [Multi] [Wine + DXVK]

You will need to discover why you were in such an unusual place. The developers note that the game has a large number of narrative elements. The combat system Hob will remind the one you can see in the new Zelda games, but mostly you’ll explore the world, solve various puzzles, etc. the game World is open and constantly changing. You can unlock new abilities and find useful items.

Age of Empires II (2): The Conquerors [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

Action Age of Empires 2 takes place during that replaced the first part – from centuries to feudal society, etc. However, objectively speaking, the troops of these er are not fundamentally different from the original – the same catapult riders, Yes, frail, farmers, nothing but milk yield of tomatoes, not worried. Only the names of other races 13, and of dimensions: by the way, about the sizes. It’s time to sound the triumphant horns: the game has become almost the first strategy, in which the units finally have the same scale as the building. So forget about the times when a tank of my size bedspreads palabrica, it produces, and the knight against the background of pockets of native forge looked like Godzilla overgrown. Scaling carried out by the forces of masshtabnost of Ensemble, hurt, primarily buildings – they became truly enormous. Structures like the Castle or University will snap you a fair bit of the playing field, and the game itself will begin to resemble a rather charming ancient Horde, than the typical modern rialtaym strategy. However, the engine remained virtually the same, the same applies to system requirements.Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. The expansion for Age of Empires II. In addition to the changes in the gameplay, the game added civilizations: Aztecs, Mayans, Huns, Koreans, Spaniards, 4 new campaigns, 11 new units, 26 new technologies, new maps. Each civilization, as it is assumed here, something different from the others, which certainly is a fad game, especially considering the number of nationalities. But it’s the lyrics. The most important thing – campaign. It is quite possible to devote a separate song. There are not many, only five, one for each new race. And that’s very strange, the Koreans are available immediately to all missions in the campaign. Discrimination, however. But the interesting campaigns in the Conquerors some of the best I’ve seen in these games. With new tracks come and new units. By the way, the fun lovers can rejoice – finally came the long-awaited kamikaze! Quick and practical. And deadly. A couple of kids, and a section of the wall is gone. To taste you can also add 26 new technologies. Here you have the full picture. Holiday with tears on eyes. Of course, new races do not bring anything new to the game and not really affect the well established tactics, but still…

Diablo + HD + Hellfire [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

Cult computer game in the style of hack and slash, developed by Condor, which was bought by Blizzard with the game before publication, and published December 31, 1996. The game is made in the style of dark fantasy. The player is invited to go it alone in the dungeons of Tristram city overrun by various demons, undead and other evil creatures. Moving deeper and deeper down the dungeon levels (16 in total), the player eventually goes to Hell, where he must find and kill Diablo, the final boss of the game.Features HellfireНовые kvetinove, including unique items