Tooth and Tail Soundtrack Edition ( [amd64] [Multi] [Mono]

Tooth and Tail is a real time strategy game from the creators of MonacoWhat’s Yours Is Mine, for veterans and newcomers of the genre, with the ability to play single player or multiple players in split screen mode. Gather an army of wild boars-flamethrower, toxic, skunks, owls, Marines and lead the revolution! Build a base and devour your enemies!

Planet Nomads ( [amd64] [Multi] [GOG] [Unity3D]

The game takes you into deep space, where your spaceship crashes on an unknown planet, with no place to wait. It only remains to examine the area and to arrange your life. The gameplay is tied to the creation of objectsyou can build almost everything, from small devices to vehicles and buildings. Locations are random, and many of the objects you can destroy, and the physical model is quite accurate. Implemented the cycle of day and night, the weather is sometimes unpredictable, and the inhabitants are quite bizarre. In the end, you can build a new ship and go on or stay on the planet.

Stardew Valley [x86, amd64] [Mono] [GOG] []

Grandpa has left you a legacy of the old farm in Scardu valley. In your pocket a few coins and basic tools – everything you need to start a new life. Will you be able to feed themselves by farming and turn these forests into a blooming garden? It won’t be easy, because the old way of life disappearing under the onslaught appeared in the city Corporation. Local community centre, where once was full of life, abandoned. But the chances still abound! With some work, you will be able to revive the former glory of Scardu valley!Turn overgrown with weeds of the field in a neat farm! Grow cattle and crops, plant an orchard, build right on the farm buildings! Create the farm of your dreams – places you stop.

[In development] Volcanoids ( [amd64] [Multi] [Unity3D]

Volcanoids is survival in the style of steampunk, where you have to build a huge drilling machine to survive on an island turned from Paradise into an apocalyptic wasteland after the eruption of the volcano, which awakened living on the island of hostile robots. You need to outsmart the robots and grab one of those rigs. Use their own technology against them. Cutting into the earth and collect the necessary resources, automate production, research technologies and improve your drilling machine.

Oxygen Not Included (RP-394616) + OST [amd64] [Multi] [Steam] [Unity3D]

Oxygen Not Included — this is another game from the developers Klei Entertainment, the creators of the games, Shank, Shank 2, Don’t Starve and other. You have to control the settlers, called in-game duplicate (due to the possibility of their unlimited reproduction), giving them jobs to perform those or other works on arrangement of the base, located in the bowels of the asteroid. Each of duplicant has its own characteristics that affect its abilities in varying activities. Ability can improve, for example, if duplicant for a long time, performed certain work and received skills. In addition to production of basic necessities of life sources (water, food and oxygen), you will have to create a variety of devices and structures, elaborate their location. The gameplay is to find solutions to the emerging problems, but each solution leads to new, ie, for example, food consumption by duplicate leads to waste contributing to the disease, and if any activities, they consume oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, high concentrations of which can lead to suffocation. In the game in real-time simulation of various processesgravity, temperature, behavior of liquids and gases. Any available space in the solid rocks of the asteroid can be filled with liquid or gas and have some temperature. Under the influence of gravity fluid flow, seeping through the loose rocks of the asteroid, evaporate, etc., and gases are mixed, have a certain concentration and pressure. Device operation, decomposition of substances and other processes lead to temperature rise on the base, whereby heat is transferred from hot areas to colder. All this and more is present in the game.

[In development] Factorio (0.17.79, 0.18.6) [amd64] [Multi] [Native]

Factorio is an economic simulation game in which you have to build and obsluzhivaet factories, extract resources, to develop the technology to automate production and fight enemies. In early development you will have to cut timber, dig mines, build conveyors and robots manually, but soon the factory will become a powerful industrial complex with solar panels and oil refining equipment, you will be robots for construction and any resources. However, such exploitation of the planet is unlikely to appeal to its inhabitants, so be prepared to defend. Unite with other players in a multiplayer game, create huge factories, collaborate and share tasks. Strong support modules, from small changes to the global adjustment of the game allowed players from all over the world to add to the game a lot of interesting and unexpected possibilities. If you do not find maps and scenarios, which would you like, then create your own in the built-in editor, placing objects, enemies and landscape elements as you want, or write your own script.

Rocket League [amd64] [Multi] [Native]

Rocket League is a football on wheels, and it’s everything you need to know. On the field, two teams of up to four machines each, the middle — a large ball, which should be at full speed crash, hoping that it will bounce in the right direction. No rules, no roles at thisall at the same time, and forwards and goalkeepers, and you are no offsides.

Tales of Maj’eyal 1.6.6 (3 DLC) [amd64] [Native] [amd64] [ENG]

Tales of Maj’eyal (ToME) – tactical open-source roguelike game in the world of copyright Eyal. The action begins in the age of Elevation – after 10 thousand years of war, chaos, and mess things, yet relative peace was established. The world, mainly to cope with the consequences of the War Mages, and slowly heals his wounds. 122 years ago, he founded the first city of the United Kingdom – where peace and harmony people live and hobbits. The elves living quietly in their forests, and not bothering anyone, trying to make the world forget about their involvement in those wars. Dwarfs gradually establishing trade with the United Kingdom. Despite the active participation of magicians in the aftermath of their wars, people have not forgotten who started them, so, even outdoor hunting mages and not maintained, not particularly fond of them. Amidst a Golden age of civilization licking their own wounds after a conflict that lasted several millennia. You – adventurer, looking for ancient artifacts, treasures, and thirst for glory – the good places where you can find them, still a lot. What you will encounter on your way – win or an ignominious end – find out yourself.