[In development] Factorio (0.17.79, 0.18.26) [amd64] [Multi] [Native]

Factorio is an economic simulation game in which you have to build and obsluzhivaet factories, extract resources, to develop the technology to automate production and fight enemies. In early development you will have to cut timber, dig mines, build conveyors and robots manually, but soon the factory will become a powerful industrial complex with solar panels and oil refining equipment, you will be robots for construction and any resources. However, such exploitation of the planet is unlikely to appeal to its inhabitants, so be prepared to defend. Unite with other players in a multiplayer game, create huge factories, collaborate and share tasks. Strong support modules, from small changes to the global adjustment of the game allowed players from all over the world to add to the game a lot of interesting and unexpected possibilities. If you do not find maps and scenarios, which would you like, then create your own in the built-in editor, placing objects, enemies and landscape elements as you want, or write your own script.

The Crown of Leaves (2.0.2) [amd64] [RUS/ENG] [Ren’py]

The Crown of Leaves is a nonlinear mysterious game with lots of puzzles. Rui, resilient city slicker, jeweler dropout and the author of articles about the science of magic has suffered a great loss, and compelled to return back to their homeland in Latori. But there his articles are useless, and faith in local superstitions and mysticism of the low grade makes Rui irritation. He wants to return to a past life, but is this possible when in your pocket not a penny? Once he’s in luckthe local Baron orders his bracelet, a gift for his beautiful bride. Rui happily takes on the job, but soon meets with a new problemMad rook, the legendary and mysterious spirit, intervenes in the life of the local villagers crazy antics. They say he appears among mortals only once a year, that he is strong, can do magic, and he had a dark sense of humor.

Lucah: Born of a Dream (1.4.2) [amd64] [ENG] [Unity3D]

LucahBorn of a Dream — surreal game in a dark world, fighting in the spirit of the series Dark Souls. As in Dark Souls you know what you’re in for something dangerous, the only question is how much would be involved and what tactics you will have to choose to fight monsters. You have a nice choice of combat skills to fight the enemiesyou can evade, deflect attacks, use mana for ranged attacks and to hit slow and hard or fast but slow in melee. You can also customize two of your own battle mode and switch between them during combat with a single keystroke.

Quest Hunter (1.0.26) [amd64] [Multi] [Steam] [Unity3D]

Quest Hunter adventure role-playing game with a treasure hunt, non-linear dialogues, puzzles and humor. Mysterious world, fascinating plot, interesting puzzles and treacherous enemies — welcome to the Dark World which lives by its own laws and rules, where the fire main treasure, and a shovel faithful friend and helper. It is difficult villains, and the heroes doubly difficult. After all, heroto arm, to win from the Dark World a place to camp, gather a team of friends helpers, to improve and protect their camp, to unravel the mysteries of antiquity, to destroy the insidious plans of enemies, find and dig out the treasure and save the Princess and the whole world at the same time. Remember, only the light of the torch you’re safe.

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game (1.15 + 1 DLC) [amd64] [RUS / ENG] [Unity3D] [GOG]

ATOM RPG game inspired by classic crpgsFallout, Wasteland, System Shock, Deus Ex, Baldur’s Gate. In 1986, the USSR and the Western block was virtually destroyed during the nuclear exchange. You are one of the survivors of the Apocalypse. Your task is to explore the brutal and mysterious world of the Soviet Wasteland, to conquer their place under the sun and unravel the sinister plot that threatens life on Earth, even more than nuclear war.