Parkan 2 [P] [RUS / RUS] (2005) (1.3.0 B)

Game for Mac :: Parkan 2 [P] [RUS / RUS] (2005) (1.3.0B)

Year of release: 2005
Genre: Space simulator, 3D shooter, FPS
Developer: Nikita
Publisher: 1S
Platform: Mac
Version: 1.3.0 B
publication Type: Informal
interface Language: Russian
Language: Russian
medicine: Not required
System requirements:
Intel Core 2.0 GHz or better; RAM: 2GB; Hard disk: ~2,3 GB of free space; Video card: – class GeForce 6600 with 128 MB
Tested and created: iMac 27-inch, mid 2011, 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB, OS X 10.13.6
Cider 7607
Parkan 2 is very different from its predecessor. Parkan 2 was released 8 years later, the first part and combined the main features of the Chronicles of the Empire and Iron strategy. Much improved fighting physics, graphics, colorful. Added combat Barbati to attack the planet. The control system of the game, planets, drones easier. Created a huge game universe, more than 500 star systems, significantly improved interstellar, interplanetary navigation. The game takes place at the same time as the action of the first part. Player have virtually the same goals and objectives, but has an assistant — AI Irene. The possibility of the player’s behavior remained the same. Become a merchant or a pirate. To establish your clan. To improve relations with other clans, the player can carry out tasks derived from their bases, merchant ships, and patrol vehicles, rare. For the implementation of pay fuel. Depending on the relationship to You of one race, it creates more opportunity, such as purchase of vehicles, connects directly to the shopping interface bases, and jobs that paid a large amount of fuel.
Additional information:
Before you start, switch the keyboard layout to English.
the Patch here Parkan Files/1C Company/Parkan 2/save
Presence/absence of advertising:
No ads.installation Proceduremake Sure Your system can run any apps and disabled SIP.
1. Mount the image .dmg by double-clicking on it.
2. Wait for the verification of its integrity system.
3. Drag the game icon to the Program folder (Applications).
4. Wait for backup.
5. The game icon appears in Launchpad, where it can run.Change screen resolutionGame starts in 4:3 format.
at least once start the game. To start passing is optional.
Locate the file user.reg at ~/Library/Preferences/Parkan 2 Preferences. Open it in TextEdit. Find the lineCode:“ScreenHeight”=dword:00000300
“ScreenWidth”=dword:00000400Enter your parameters in a 16-m format:Code:“Screen Height” – the height (for example, 00000438 is 1080)
“Screen Width” is the width (for example, 00000780 is 1920)If you need other options turn 10-s data in 16-e on the calculator in the “programmer”.
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D6631C15DA192E545DC521D39CC969F32A8CE21C& | Size: 1.06 GB


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