L. A. Noire (1.2.2610.1) [amd64] [Multi] [DXVK] [Wine]

L. A. Noire, using the revolutionary new technology of animation MotionScan, which captures all the nuances of the actor’s facial activity in amazing detail, is a violent crime Thriller that blends breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience. Search for clues, chase suspects and interrogate witnesses while you are struggling to find the truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.

Assassin’s Creed Unity (1.5.0) [amd64] [Multi] [DXVK] [Wine]

Assassin’s Creed Unity — action adventure that takes you to Paris during the French revolution. You will learn the history of the Arno – boys, by chance became embroiled in the bloody events of that period. You will find new opportunities in control of the character. Change and the appearance of objects and their characteristics. Witness the legendary historical events.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (1.01) [amd64] [Multi] [DXVK] [Wine]

1715, Caribbean. Pirates have become true masters of the sea and land, organizing their own Republic lawlessness, greed and cruelty. Among these robbers noticeable young captain Edward kenuey. Reputation fighter and adventurer allowed him to win the respect of such legends as Blackbeard, but also drew in an ancient war between assassins and Templars, a war that could destroy everything created by pirates. Welcome to the Golden age of piracy!

Assassin’s Creed Origins (1.51) + 1 DLC [amd64] [Multi] [DXVK] [Wine]

In the game Assassin’s CreedOrigins you have to travel in Ancient Egypt – one of the most mysterious empires in history – a critical period, the events of which will be decisive for the whole world. Discover forgotten legends, the secrets of ancient pyramids secrets of the pharaohs past and the history of the assassin Brotherhood, written in hieroglyphs whose meaning has long been forgotten.Within four years, the team of experts – the creators of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – engaged in the development of the game, which will be a new beginning for the popular series. You have to master completely rethought combat system. You can easily change unique weapon melee, ranged and attack multiple enemies. Choose the skills of your assassin, and fulfill multiple tasks, exploring the expanses of ancient Egypt. You immerse yourself in exciting stories of being in the center of events that shaped the face of civilization

The Sims 4 (Deluxe Edition) [amd64] [Multi] [Wine]

In The Sims 4 no explicit story, and the gameplay is not linear and has given the ultimate goal. The player controls his own created character, directing it to perform different types of activities and the establishment of relationships with other characters similar to real life. The game take place in fictional worlds made in the spirit of modernity. They inhabited already ready families and NPCs who live in it by the given storylines. At any moment the player can take control of any family and without any restrictions in its actions to change the course of events.Features Deluxe EditionDigital content, “Time to party”” – Includes bar and stylish outfits for your characters.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Remastered [amd64] [Multi] [DXVK] [Wine]

Call of DutyModern Warfare is back, one of the most critically acclaimed games in history, with a remastered in high definition, with improved textures, physics, rendering, lighting, high dynamic range, and many others. Developed by Infinity Ward, the award-winning Call of Duty® 4Modern Warfare® has set a new standard for its intense cinematic action, while receiving universal praise as one of the most influential video games of all time. Winner of numerous awards “game of the year””, Call of Duty 4Modern Warfare became an instant classic and a global phenomenon that set the bar for first person shooters, and now it returns for a new generation of fans.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [amd64] [Multi] [DXVK] [Wine]

Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise, Call of Duty®Black Ops II propels players into a near future, 21st Century Cold War, where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare

Fallout: Nevada (1.02) [x86] [RUS] [Wine]

FalloutNevada — Amateur unofficial prequel to the game Fallout. The plot reveals the history of the city of Refuge, known for the game Fallout 2. Central importance is given not to the battles and quests, stories and the universe of Fallout. It is not the Assembly of others ‘ ideas or mods, not an addition to the original story and not a renamed clone of the original. This is a full conversion, which borrows the model of the content and engine of the original, the rest of the resource (script, story, dialogues, characters, locations, etc.) re-created.