Project IGI: I’m Going In [CIDER]

Game for Mac :: Project IGI: I‘m Going In [CIDER]

Year of release: 2000
Version: 1.1
Developer: Innerloop Studiuos
Platform: Intel only
System requirements: Intel Processor, Mac os 10.5.5 and higher, the GMA 950 is supported.
interface Language: only Russian
medicine: Not required
Description: a Computer game in the genre of FPS. In contrast to the popular Half-Life and Doom, the player has a small health that prompts him to act covertly, to find workarounds for the invasion and do everything to keep secret its presence.
Extras. information: Completely in Russian. Cider version 2060. Tablet not needed.
!!! This material has been prepared solely for the purpose of reference. After reviewing the file, You must delete it.
> <b><span style=To install the game, COPY the FILE from the DMG image ON HARD DISK!!!

PS the Picture on full screen, do the double-press Command+Enter(on WIN keyboard Alt+Enter) or by setting the maximum resolution in the settings.
PPS!!! In order to ask a question about “WHY NOT WORKING ???”, Be SURE to specify the configuration of your Mac, in particular the description of the CPU, graphics card, memory, graphics card, RAM and version of MAC OS, because without this at best you will be able to properly respond only people possessing telepathic abilities:)
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