Robothorium: Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler [x86] [Multi] [Unity3D]

Software for Linux :: Robothorium: Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler [x86] [Multi] [Unity3D]

Year of release: 2019
Genre: RPG, Strategy, Indie
Developer: Goblinz Studio
Publisher: Goblinz Studio Whisper Games
libraries: Unity3D
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: x86
Version: 1.2
License: the proprietary
interface Language: multilingual
Language: no
medicine: cured
System requirements:
OS: Linux
CPU: 1.3 GHz CPU
memory: 2 GB RAM
graphics Card: Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities
disk Space: 1250 MB
Robothorium – rouglike is a futuristic turn-based RPG in which every your choice will directly affect your revolution against Humanity.Gather a team of robots choose your allies and lead your troops to the next era of robots.
2052. Earth. BreakTech Corporation specializing in the construction of robots is booming, thanks to the thorium – unlimited innovative source of energy. After many years of operation, the robots finally start to fight for their rights. But peaceful protests quickly turn into riots, and repression from the people is inevitable. Becoming enemy number 1, the robots are persecuted all over the planet.
You S. A. I. A. — an advanced artificial intelligence. Put an end to the surrounding chaos and secure the future for your robots. Team up with new rebel groups fighting for power among themselves, and create a revolt that will determine the fate of cyborgs, humans and robots.
Extras. information: Thanks liberodark for the given game
installation Procedure:
to Make executable file and to run it.
Details info.txt.
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6036DA859D0AB04F13E175AD90442534A01FEB6A& | Size: 190.9 MB


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