Serious Sam: The First Encounter [P] [RUS / RUS] (2001) (1.05) [GOG]

Serious Sam: The First Encounter [P] [RUS / RUS] (2001) (1.05) [GOG]

Year of release: 2001
Genre: a first-person shooter
Developer: Croteam
Publisher: Gathering of Developers
Platform: Mac
Version: 1.05
publication Type: Informal
Release: GOG
interface Language: Russian
Language: Russian
medicine: Not required
System requirements:
Any modern Mac (Intel processor; at least 128 MB of RAM; video card with 64 MB RAM; Mac OS 10.4.11 and above)
Done and started on: iMac 27-inch, mid 2011, 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB macOS 10.13.6
Cider 8361
the First game of a series of first-person shooter developed by Croatian company Croteam.
the gameplay of the series can be seen as a slight return to the early first-person shooters.
the Introduction of the game tells about events that happened earlier: at the beginning of the XXI century on the site in Ancient Egypt by mankind were found the remains of an ancient civilization from a distant planet Sirius, which once visited Earth. Discovered findings have served as the immediate impetus for the technological development of mankind, which made interstellar travel to other planets. At the beginning of XXII century in the distant corners of the universe the Terrans stumbled upon the army cruel alien tyrant and the main villain of the game series Mental. The enemy drove the Terrans from their colonies back to their Solar system, and eventually drove them down to Earth to finally destroy humanity. The last chance of survival for humans was excavated in the graves of ancient Sirian artifact called the “Key to Eternity” (eng. Time-Lock) that can send back in time to defeat Mental and change the course of history. This man was Samuel stone by the nickname “serious Sam”, due to its bravery in battles with monsters.
Additional information:
Before you start, switch the keyboard layout to English.
By default, the game will run in 1280×720 resolution.
the Patch here Serious Sam The First Files/Serious Sam The First Encounter/SaveGame/Player0/Quick/
in addition, the game creates a service folder at ~/Library/Preferences/Serious Sam The First Encounter Preferences
Presence/absence of advertising:
No ads.Change aspect ratioOpen the file PersistentSymbols.ini at Serious Sam The First Files/Serious Sam The First Encounter/Scripts in TextEdit. Find the lineCode:persistent extern user FLOAT plr_fFOV=(FLOAT)Change:Code:persistent extern user FLOAT plr_fFOV=(FLOAT)90; 4:3 screen resoultion
persistent extern user FLOAT plr_fFOV=(FLOAT)105; 16:9 screen resoultion.
persistent extern user FLOAT plr_fFOV=(FLOAT)100; for a 16:10 screen resolution.Then in the same file locate the lines:Code:persistent extern INDEX sam_iScreenSizeI=(INDEX)
sam_iScreenSizeJ persistent extern INDEX=(INDEX)Change the parameters:Code:persistent extern INDEX sam_iScreenSizeI=(INDEX)1920; or something different
sam_iScreenSizeJ persistent extern INDEX=(INDEX)1080; or something differentAFTER THESE MANIPULATIONS DO NOT CHANGE THE SCREEN RESOLUTION IN THE MENU OF THE GAME!!!installation Proceduremake Sure Your system can run any apps and disabled SIP.
1. Mount the image .dmg by double-clicking on it.
2. Wait for the verification of its integrity system.
3. Drag the game icon to the Program folder (Applications).
4. Wait for backup.
5. The game icon appears in Launchpad, where it can run.
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