Steamburg [P] [RUS]

Game for Mac :: Steamburg [P] [RUS]Steamburg
Year: 2017
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Telehorse
publication Type: Native
Language: Russian | MULTI
Tablet: the Program treated (Cracked by “ACTiVATED”)

System requirements

  1. OS X 10.9
  2. CPU: Intel Core i3 @ 1.7 GHz Dual Core
  3. internal memory: 8 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000
  5. disk Space: 3 GB

Description: Steamburg — lawrenny quest-puzzle game with unique gameplay and a storyline that is bound to the search items. Game developer company Telehorse working to create games in the genre of steampunk. In March 2017 at the International competition in the field of mobile games (IMGA) in San Francisco Steamburg was recognized as the most anticipated game.
the Main character, Professor Vincent Moore, fights with the robots who seized the city Limburg. The gameplay is truly unique, because Vincent unarmed and must carefully consider each step. In his Arsenal — a little electrobabe that lure for a while and slow robots. Vincent has to move around thus to lure the robots into a trap, Tesla transformer, which is able to destroy them. Gradually the game becomes more complicated: Vincent is opposed by several robots at once, they become faster, and some of them can fly and react to every movement of the hero.
special attention deserves the way of storytelling. In 2016 international business conference White Nights in Helsinki Steamburg won the award for the best technique of storytelling. From the dialog, the player learns that Vincent is a scientist, who was assigned to test new weapons in Limburge. Besides, he was busy searching for his bride, which, presumably, was in the city when it was attacked by robots. Some of the story elements directly related to gameplay. The player can also collect letters and photographs that tell the love story of Vincent and his bride.Extras. information• Unique, addictive gameplay
• 32 levels, decorated in the style of steampunk.
• Multiple hiding spots and hundreds of items that reveal the plot of the game
• audio Dubbing with the participation of famous American and British actors including Bruce Glover (voiced in the films “Diamonds are forever” and “Chinatown”)
• Music from the original album Silver Rocket
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