Sunless Sea + DLC: Zubmariner [L] [ENG / ENG] (2015) ( (29001)) [GOG]

Sunless Sea + DLC: Zubmariner [L] [ENG / ENG] (2015) ( (29001)) [GOG]
Year of release: 2015
Genre: Adventure – Roleplay – Horror
Developer: Failbetter Games
Publisher: Failbetter Games
Platform: Mac
Version: (29001)
publication Type: License
Release: GOG
interface Language: English
Language: English
medicine: Not required
System requirements:
Operating system: mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
Processor: 2 Ghz or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 c compatible graphics and sound cards
Storage: 700 MB
Keyboard and mouse
Stand at the helm of your own ship and go into the unknown! Sunless Sea is a two – dimensional game about discovery, survival and loneliness in the award-winning Victorian Gothic world of Fallen London. Will you be able to stay on the edge of madness, helm of the black water, and not become a cannibal? If I can come home with victory and rich booty?
Even if you have made the same choice, the events in each new game can be deployed in different ways. Free you, betray or devour a Good Magician? Sell soul to the Devil Yearning or reject it harassment? Dawn machine your salvation, or doom?
You are the captain. You decide.
Additional information:
Light and darkness. Put out far enough from the gas lamps of civilization and your crew will start to suffocate from fear and maybe lost his mind… but in this darkness are hidden treasures…
Equip your ship with powerful engines, harpoon and pneumatic torpedo guns. Or just buy a better ship.
Recruit class officers, such as the Obsessed Doctor and the Irrepressible Cannoneer. They have something to tell you, if you manage to make them talk.
Select the animal that will bring the ship good luck: the Comatose Ferret, the Unfortunate Cat, Sad Cockatoo or someone else!
Trade silk and souls, mushroom wine and hallucinogenic honey.
Presence/absence of advertising:
Advertising – Features of releaseDLC: Zubmariner
Concept art
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