The dungeon [P] [RUS] ( [Wine]

Game for Mac :: Санитары подземелий [P] [RUS] ( [Wine]

Year of release: 2006
Genre: RPG
Developer: 1C
developer Website:
Platform: Intel only
interface Language: Russian
Tablet: The program treated
System requirements:
Macbook Pro 2008 and later
OS X Yosemite
Description: sailor’s silence – place a harsh and nasty. This planet is a prison, where invoked only the most egregious offenders. Stuffed cons capsule dropped to the planet from orbit, and nobody cares about will survive the fiercely materyaschiysya load a hard landing. Even our brave guardians of order once again trying not to poke nose in start some trouble, where stew in their own juice thousands of hardened criminals… the Fighters, in the near future you will visit a very nice resort. We learned that the prisoners plotting escape from Matrosskaya silence, and you must prevent their brave but naive plan. Don’t let descended filth dirtied home galaxy!
Extras. information: “dungeon” – a role-playing game of the old school, whose action unfolds in a unique universe, invented by Dmitry Puchkov (aka St. o/u Goblin).
captivating and not linear plot, full of chilling events.
Advanced role-playing and combat systems, specially designed for the game.
comprehensive dialogue system allowing the player to choose their own style of behavior and style of communication.
About 100 kinds of cold steel and firearms.
About 200 characters involved in dialogues.
About 80 original monsters.
Cinematic videos, organically woven into the plot outline.
Working, patched, fullstudy port that works consistently on any machine without a single bug. Enjoy.
who’s got any error, make a screenshot and put it under the spoiler. Who the game works without problems, also leave feedback on the forum. Thank you.
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:150F475A16A62ECC436A1E19C03C94109022F18A& | Size: 2.77 GB


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