The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] (03.10.2019) [amd64] [ENG] [Steam] [GameMaker: Studio]

The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] (03.10.2019) [amd64] [ENG] [Steam] [GameMaker: Studio]

Year of release: 2019
Genre: platformer, cyberpunk
Developer: Leonard Menchiari, Daniele Vicinanzo, Giulio Perrone
Publisher: Playsaurus
libraries: GameMaker: Studio
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: amd64
Version: 03.10.2019
License: the proprietary
interface Language: English
medicine: cured
System requirements:
CPU: 2 GHz
Video: OpenGL 3
Location for installation: 0.5 GB
The Eternal Castle — reissue of the game the Eternal Castle 1987, ahead of its time and became the forerunner of the hits from Delphine Software. It is possible that the original game The Eternal Castle never existed, but 32 years later, three developers from Italy decided to update the classics. The developers also borrowed a game from Prince of Persia, Another World and Flashback, with the aim to recreate a popular game from his childhood memories, the one in which everyone wanted to play, but which were all different.
Extras. information:
18.1.0 Tested on Manjaro, Linux Mint 19.2.
installation Procedure:
to Make executable file and to run it.
Details info.txt.
Steam Game

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