The Sims (Mac OS X + Classic)

Game for Mac :: The Sims (Mac OS X + Classic)

Year of release: 2000
Version: 1.0
Developer: Maxis
Platform: PPC/Intel universal
System requirements: Mac OS 9 or X
interface Language: English
medicine: Not required
Description: Like previous games from Maxis, The Sims has a specific purpose and this is different from most other computer games. The player only needs to take care of virtual men, which is called — Sims (eng. sims), to ensure that they could sleep, eat, take a bath and so on. He can build them a house and adjoining land, to find them jobs, to create for them a business to take care of the vegetables in greenhouses. The player is not limited in its actions, it can make your SIM rich and happy, and can starve him to death or drown in the pool.
Extras. information: games necessarily have to write the DMG file on the disk without the CD in the drive the game will not start.
Under Mac OS X for the game run the file of The Sims Carbon, just The Sims – for the ninth axis.

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