Thief Gold, Thief II, Thief III [RUS] [Wineskin]

Game for Mac :: Thief Gold, Thief II, Thief III [RUS] [Wineskin]

Platform: Intel only
Done and tested on: Hack/core i5/8Gb/GV-R7870/imac 12.2/ Mac OS X 10.8.4-10.9 DP4
Wineskin engine Ws9wine1.6X
date of issue: 1998-2000-2004
Genre: stealth-action / 3rd Person
Developer : Looking Glass Studios is 1.2 Ion Storm-3
Publisher : Eidos Interactive
interface Language: Russian
Language: 1,2-3 Russian-english
medicine: Not required
Thief (Rus. The thief) — a series of computer games in the genre of stealth-action, mostly in the first person (Thief: Deadly Shadows has the opportunity to switch between first and third person).
Studio Looking Glass has developed as The Dark Project and The Metal Age. After departing the Studio in 2000, many developers moved to Ion Storm Austin and began developing the third part of the series, Deadly Shadows, which was created on another three-dimensional graphics engine.
currently released official localization of Thief II and Thief III from the company “New Disc”. Currently in the CIS game of the series is represented unauthorized releases and fan translation, also a limited edition “New Disc” released the second part of the series. In the world there are fan community of game fans who created a large number of mods to it.
the basis is taken edition from
Thief Gold installed TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold 1.16 a click here for details
Thief 2 installed Thief II: The Metal Age v1.19 update details here
Thief 3-installed the Sneaky Upgrade: Unofficial patch for Thief 3 details here
All games support widescreen resolution from the settings menu of the game,before ustonovlena resolution 1024/768.
Translation and something else is taken from here textDistribution of updated 9.11.2015
Thief Gold , Thief II, now the videos have subtitles,updated Wine all the games work in OS X 10.10-10.11
Who wants English voice acting in Thief Gold, right-click on Thief show package contents/drive_c/Program Files/ Gold/RES/find the file
_snd.crf change to snd.crf
Thief II added two more voice selected by the same system , have added videos on the Russian folder ru_MOVIES,ru_MOVIES2 anyone that will like to rename the MOVIES so I better en+ subtitles

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