Transformers THE GAME [Cider]

Game for Mac :: Transformers THE GAME [Cider]

Year of release: 2007
Version: GameTap3.5.1.2911-D
Developer: Travellers Tales
Platform: Intel only
System requirements: MAC OS X 10.4.x 10.5.x 1.66 Gb on the disk
min-2Ghz C2D-1Gb RAM-144Mb video
norm-2.5 Ghz-2Gb RAM–256Mb video
interface Language: English
medicine: Not required
Description: Cult heroes all the children of the late XX century again in the ranks – transformers triumphant March around the world in one of the most successful blockbusters of the summer. Thanks cash movie Michael Bay giant robots with the ability of reincarnation, is back in fashion.
Now have players all over the world have the opportunity to personally intervene in the showdown between the two warring factions – the Autobots and Decepticons. Exciting plot, sound actors original film, a huge world, exciting jobs, diverse and numerous bonuses – all waiting for players in the computer version of the legendary “Transformers.”
Features “transformers”:
the Game based on the sci-Fi blockbuster — an epic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons!
selecting a game for one of the two conflicting sides
Fully interactive and destructible environments
the Ability to manage as memorable on film, and completely new characters!
Extras. information: On the creation of the universe worked for three professional writer: Jim Shooter, with thirteen years drawing for publishers DC Comics, Dennis O’neil, who had managed to attach the arm to the huge number of the most famous graphic novels, and Bob Budiansky, created profiles of all the key characters. Home planet of the transformers made the fictional planet of Cybertron, the power of which is divided by two factions — the Autobots and the Decepticons. The first advocate for universal truce and are able to turn into civilian vehicles of the second crave of the autocratic and prefer as alternative forms of military equipment. This simple story of the confrontation was so popular that many collectors are seriously “hooked” on collecting plastic transformers as kids, to this day meet each other at the annual event BotCon
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