Tycoon Jurassic / Dino Island [P] [RUS] (2002) [WineSkin] 1.0)

Game for Mac :: Магнат Юрского периода / Dino Island [P] [RUS] (2002) [WineSkin] 1.0)

Year of release: 2002
Version: 1.0
Developer: Monte Cristo
developer Website: http://www.montecristogames.com
Platform: Intel only
interface Language: Russian + English
Tablet: Program treated (does not require data entry/enter any data)
System requirements: Tested on:
macOS Sierra 10.12.6
Intel Core i5
Intel Iris 1536 MB
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Description: Imagine that scientists have discovered well-preserved dinosaur skeletons. Recent scientific discoveries have allowed us to bring back to life these amazing prehistoric giants. You have entrusted the creation of a special theme Park devoted to dinosaurs, where anyone could for your hard-earned money without risking their lives to admire your incredible protégé. Below, the flow of visitors has dried up and your guests do not get bored, you’ll need to play in the Park rides: obstacle course, running and fighting dinosaurs. Can you imagine the budget needed for the realization of all your brilliant ideas?
To earn that much money, you will have to combine the profession of a scientist and administrator, to be a wise researcher and resourceful businessman, to be able to keep in mind multiple tasks in parallel and doing several things. Cross a Diplodocus with a Brachiosaurus and a Brontosaurus with a stegosaurus: a good irradiate them with radiation, and you get a completely unimaginable dinosaurs of all varieties and sizes! Scaly, feathered, spotted, bipedal, four-legged, peaceful or armed is a huge, incredible canines! Then place them all in their cages, place around the craziest rides you can imagine, and sazovice hundreds of visitors to your new Park! Make your Park is not just a huge, affecting the imagination in a zoo, but interesting, fantastic show! Become a real tycoon Jurassic!
– Ability to create dinosaurs based on 20 basic samples, 30 types of skins and 50 wonderful special differences, as well as modifying their appearance and character
– Unique rides: crazy jumps, dangerous obstacle courses, deadly battles giant lizards.
– More than 250 animation: somersaulting dinosaur-athlete, cheerful dinosaur, pretending to be king Kong, and much more
Islands in different climatic zones: a Polynesian Atoll, Savannah, tropics
– Two game modes: “free floating” in single missions and campaign, consisting of progressively more challenging tasks
Extras. information: indulging in some nostalgia, now can’t get out!
am I the only one?:)
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