War Thunder [Wineskin]

Game for Mac :: War Thunder [Wineskin]Year of release: 2012
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
developer Website: http://www.gaijin.ru
Website: http://warthunder.ru
Platform: Intel only
interface Language: Russian + English + multi
Tablet: not required
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6+
Checked: MacBook Pro 17″ late 2011, AMD Radeon HD6770M, OS X 10.8.5 (a screenshot of the settings, see below)
Description: War Thunder – a military MMO game the next generation of dedicated combat aircraft, armored vehicles and Navy during the Second world war. You will take part in the fighting in all the major theatres of war, fighting with real players all over the world.
In War Thunder paid great attention to the technology, the development of the player and its capabilities. You can try hundreds of models of aircraft, and once inside the detailed cockpit, maximum dive into the atmosphere of battles.
– a Variety of PvP regimes large-scale battles
– control Settings, giving opportunities to play and have fun as beginners and experienced pilots, fighting together
– PvE-content for both single and for joint network game: Dynamic campaign, Individual mission Editor missions and other modes
– a Lot of detail recreated models of planes worked with cockpits, ships and tanks
– Impressive graphics, authentic sounds and beautiful orchestral music.update HistoryVersion (7-Oct-2013)
– Check the broken plane and lack of ammunition before the start of departure in the events
– fixed the black sky occurs in rare cases, at sunset
– After the battle in the events screen events remains open
– Developments in IB\RB require tutorial in the corresponding mode
– fixed a few bugs joining link in the events
– fixed the display of required grades for individual missions
– you Can complain to the chat events
– Fixed several other minor errors in UI events
Release (30-Sep-2013)
– Changes in the interface of “Event”
– fixed disappearing in some cases reload in Arcade battles
– Added option for automatic reload on the airfield.
– Improved camera in control mode “mouse Aim” with the view from the cockpit
– fixed some crashes client in some cases
– In the “Events” at the level of IB or RB is now impossible to join without going through the proper training (if the pilot has not yet completed training in IB/RB)
– fixed flight model for fighters Bf.109F-4. FM planes of the Bf series. 109 F-4 (including a tropical version of the trophy and USAF) have been revised due to the apparent disparity between his Historical prototype. The plane had been refined weight and aerodynamic performance, fuel consumption and engine power. Now the plane has more historical flight characteristics in terms of rate of Climb and horizontal maneuverability. Please note that this FM is not the final version and more fine tuning will be made later.
– changes in the mission Krymsk:
1. ZSU in the German columns replaced by 20 mm Sparky,
2. Part of the fortifications of the Soviet troops moved to the defense of the Crimean village, part of the offensive group of Germans dedicated to attack the village.
3. Added a few light DOT-s cover for Novorossiysk and the Crimean villages.
4. The speed of movement of German troops increased from average 30 km/h to 40 km/h.
5. The airfield of the Soviet air force moved to Noumea.
6. ZSU both parties ceased to be a mission objective, and killing no longer affect points, although they still bring experience and money. Because of this, the number of nazemi, which must be destroyed to win the mission, has decreased significantly.
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