World of Goo (1.51) [x86, amd64] [Multi] [Native] [GOG]

Software for Linux :: World of Goo (1.51) [x86, amd64] [Multi] [Native] [GOG]

Year of release: 2008
Genre: Strategy, Building, Puzzle
Developer: 2D BOY
Publisher: 2D BOY
libraries: Native
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: x86, amd64,
Version: 1.51
License: the proprietary
interface Language: multilingual (en, es, fr, de, it, nl, pl, hu, ko, cn, jp)
Language: no
medicine: not required
System requirements:
System: Ubuntu 14.04 / Linux Mint 17
CPU: 1 GHz or faster
Memory: 512 MB or more
Graphics: hardware accelerated OpenGL 1.4 support
Storage: 100 MB free space
World of Goo is based on real physics puzzle constructor, entirely developed by just two people and won many awards. Drag and drop living, quirky, chattering clumps, creating complex shapes, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues. With the millions of Goo balls who inhabit the beautiful world of Goo, very interesting to Tinker, although they have no idea that they live in the game and that they are incredibly delicious.
Extras. information:
an unmodified DRM free edition from GOG. Thank you EugVV for providing the GOG version of the game.
In this game there is no Russian localization.
the Soundtrack can be downloaded from the official site –
Or with FLAC / mp3
installation Procedure:
1. to give the installer the right to performance
2. to run it
3. to install the game, following the instructions
4. play
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Bonus – Wallpapers
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:CC856B062D34280392872F0CC546F8B146FE19D5& | Size: 173.2 MB


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