[x86, amd64] Corporate Internet gateway TraffPro 1.4.7-11 1.4.7

Corporate Internet gateway TraffPro Year of Release: 2016
Version: 1.4.7 Build 11
Developer: UpIt-Systems
developer Website: http://internet-gate.ru/
System requirements:
OS Linux.
Architecture: x86, amd64,
medicine: Cured for 100 network users.
interface Language: English + Russian
Description: Office TraffPro System is a whole complex of solutions “Corporate Internet gateway”,proxy (proxy) server that allows: to protect an organization’s network against external attacks; to distribute Internet users on the network; use the emergency reserve channel the Internet; to fully control the traffic on all ports and protocols; the use of two or more providers; centralized management of branches of the organization; the ability to deploy in virtual environments; to restrict user access to resources entertaining; the blocking of sites on the lists; to balance the traffic between the employees for better and more economical use of the channel; rate limit; to block viral activity; free consultation on the first start of the system; free version for 6 users, small business mail server, NAT, high quality shaper, and more!
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