[x86, amd64] Ispmanager 5 business

[x86, amd64] Ispmanager Bussines 5
Year of Release: 2018
Version: 5 Build 5.150.0
Developer: Ispsystem
developer Website: https://ispsystem.com
System requirements: ISPmanager can be installed on popular operating systems in the Unix family. More information about the installation process and the list of supported OS can be found in the installation instructions at the link https://docs.ispsystem.ru/ispmanager-business/ustanovka-ispmanager/protsess-ustanovki
Architecture: x86, amd64,
medicine: No but in the future will be
interface Language: English + Russian
Description: Hosting providers
ISPmanager Business is the perfect solution for selling and reselling of hosting. Providers enough one panel to manage a server cluster.
Panel provides smooth operation and allows you to flexibly configure the access levels so customers can manage their services.
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